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Thread: ☀️ Restaurant Story 2: Summer Sale Suggestion Thread

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    ☀️ Restaurant Story 2: Summer Sale Suggestion Thread

    Restaurant Story 2 Summer Sale Suggestion Thread

    With summer just around the corner, what would you like to see in a possible Summer / Back to School Sale in Restaurant Story 2?

    If there are any specific decorations, wallpapers, floor tiles or anything else you would like to see, feel free to post them below! Pictures are highly encouraged.

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    Note: Please also note that while suggestions will be taken into account, it is ultimately at the Storm8 Staff's discretion as to what actually comes on sale at the time the sale(s) go(es) live. This thread is not for suggesting new features or changes to the game. All off topic posts will be removed.
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    Just put all decorations / everything on sale, I don't care if it's out of season or 4th of July.

    Thank you!

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    Don't care about decorations, rather see appliances on sale.

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