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Thread: Can?t delete a message about a gift I got and used.

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    Can?t delete a message about a gift I got and used.

    Received a gift from a neighbor and used the gift, but the message remains on my feed. The only available button to press is visit. Gift back and use gift are not highlighted. I?ve logged out then back in, and can?t get rid of the message clogging my feed. Can anyone help? I even deleted the friend and it?s still there.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    It sounds to me like you're describing your News Feed, not your Message Wall; these are two different features that follow different rules.

    The Message Wall is a way for players to interact with one another, leaving a message on a Wall is optional and players decide what info these messages contain. Players can only delete messages from their own Walls (found by clicking Main>Messages>Wall) but anyone can see your Wall to read your messages or leave one for you to see simply by visiting your bakery. Likewise, you can leave a message on the Wall of any bakery you visit.

    The News Feed (found by clicking Main>Messages>News) is controlled by the game itself, it's not optional and only you can see it. This info will appear automatically to inform you when players have visited your bakery, left a gift, answered a request, etc. This info will also disappear on its own for one of two reasons:

    Reason 1 - Enough time has passed since the info first arrived. I think the info usually stays for a week but don't quote me on that, it's just my best guess off the top of my head.

    Reason 2 - News Feed is full so older info gets pushed out. I'm pretty sure our feeds only hold 20 news items (not including gift and gift requests waiting to be accepted) before the oldest info is pushed out of the Feed to make room for the newest.

    Hope this helps you enjoy your game more fully. If you have any further question on the game, feel free to ask in the BS Help Me Thread (found here) and I always recommend the BS Game Guide (found here) to players, both old and new - it's full of info that is useful for daily playing.

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    Thank you! It was fixed at reset

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