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Thread: Missing item in my floor decorations tab

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    Missing item in my floor decorations tab

    I?ve had a beautiful turquoise piano in my bakery forever. I believe it came from a box, years ago. I was moving things around and put it in storage for awhile?now it is gone!
    I know I used gems for that box ?It May have been a music box or something.
    Please help!

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    Do you mean the Artsy Piano?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BS Deco - Floor - Artsy Piano +.PNG 
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    If so, this was a Limited Time Offer from March of 2013. Because it's not a box item, it may not be located where you're expecting it in your inventory.

    The deco's exact location in your inventory will be different than where it's located in mine or anyone else's since locations vary depending on the other decos owned. However, we can usually narrow down the general location by using items currently listed for sale. I checked my inventory and the Artsy Piano should be after the Bakery Board (for 28g) but before the Green Vase (for $14,000) - there will likely be other removed/box decos between those two items in your inventory but using them as benchmarkers should help you narrow your searching a bit.

    If this info doesn't help you locate the item in your inventory and you're certain you didn't sell it accidentally, you can open a Support Ticket with team who should be able to figure out what happened to it. Hope this helps and you get this sorted, good luck!

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    Yes! It’s the artsy piano…and it’s not anywhere ��…I know I wouldn’t sell it because I loved it. Oh well. I did send a ticket to Storm 8.
    We’ll see.
    Thanks so much!

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