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Thread: Red Carpet Display

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    Red Carpet Display

    I saw a pop up that said something along the line of "win red carpet display before it is gone" but I did not see any update related to it. The item was still locked (I did not complete the goal when it was released). Does anyone have some information on this pop up?? I would love the chance to get it
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    I had the same problem . I saw the notification but there is no goal showing in the list and the item is locked for me aswell

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    Please, please, please! This goal has been locked since I started playing this game. I have always wanted this display. Please give me and everyone else who loves this display the chance to earn or buy it!

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    Reporting this over.
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    I also had the same problem I really want it thanks if u could help 🙂

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    Yeah I was also here to Report this problem

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