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Thread: Game stops working at Level 100 :'(

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    Angry Game stops working at Level 100 :'(

    I guess only very few people now me here, but I am (or rather was) an active RS player for several years. But I was busy. Very busy. I wanted to be the first one to reach level 100. All players I ever met where at most Level 99, and that?s probably because you need a LOT of points to get to Level 100 (1 Billion points, to be precise).

    But I did the math and came to the conclusion, that it is indeed possible. You need first need to make a lots of money. Bacon and eggs is the best choice here, because it gives the most $ per dish and in the late game the amount of dishes you can sell become the limiting factor. Once you have about 1,67 Billion (!) $, you can proceed with step two.

    Once you have enough money, you remove all the tables and chairs and everything except one counter, because you need space. All the space. To fit several hundreds of appliances in your restaurant (oh, and you need a lots of gems of couse as well, to buy the appliance slots. I don't want to know how much money I spent in this game...)
    With all this appliances you make, guess what, French toast! A level 1 dish! But it is good, because it gives the most xp/hr and it is quite cheap (that is important, because there is no way you can sell the amounts you are making with this setup. That is what all the money of the first step is for.) And you need at least the easy ovens, because otherwise the French toasts on the first appliances are ready before you prepared the French Toast on the last appliances.

    So I made french toast. On hundreds of appliances. In every minuite I could spare. Eat. Sleep. Make French toast. That was my life. For years. Until today, where I finally reached 1 Billion points. And then? Eternal Darkness! The game simply crashed. Shock. Of course, the game probably wasn?t meant to be played this way. But it clearley showed in the profile game that there is a Level 100 and you need 1 Billion points. But it did not work. When I restarted the game, I was back at the state where I had 999.999.999 points. And whatever I did from here, as soon as I get one more XP, the game crashes. I was trapped. In eternal darkness. There was only one way I could continue playing: Start a new account. So sad. This is the worst day of my life.

    Now I am really depressed and don?t know what to do with my life.
    Please Storm8, if you read this, make an update where the game does not crash once you reach Level 100. I really need this. And make sure that levels after this keep working (maybe Level 101 for 2 Billion points and so on...). I might be the first one to run into this problem, but given the amount of active players that are for severel years now on Level 99, I am sure it is only a matter of time until more players will run into this issue.

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    First of all, I've got to say you're the super star of all super stars to have gained enough XPs to reach Lv. 100. Years back the team altered the requirement to such a crazy number to avoid the very situation you encountered and ensure players didn't go above 99 - my mind is honestly blown that you did so!

    Sadly, the official responses we've seen over the years have indicated that the level situation is unlikely to change. I know there are threads from back in the early days on the subject that have those official responses, if I happen to dig them up I'll post links so you can read them yourself to get a better idea of why the team did this.

    That said, if you open a Support Ticket with the team HERE, I'm sure they'd be able to make it so that you can at least continue to play on the original account.

    old thread on Level 100:
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    My I get it..
    It's clearly impossible to reach level 100..I've been slogging fr yrs now to no avail😒

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    I can certainly understand feeing let down. After all that work, no prize! It is a big let-down. I am sorry.

    You should see someone about the depression. Like a therapist - they are there to help with stuff like this. And I am sincere, not being snippy, like, *You so crazy, go to a shrink!* I would not do that. Not to anyone.

    Everyone can benefit from insight. I really believe that. And they can help get people through tough times as well as help with depression. So, just a little food for thought.

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    omg im so sorry... imagine achieving lvl 100 just to have all of ur data lost i rlly hope storm8 could help to fix this issue !

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