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Thread: Tournament: Enchanted ★ 2021 May 01 ★

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    Tournament: Enchanted ★ 2021 May 01 ★

    Here we go again, 6 days of battle! Coincides with LB ★

    1) Dreamweaver .. vampire KO! ★
    2) Skyview .. athena
    3) // .. vampire
    4) Teacup .. planet
    5) Prime Power .. planet
    6) Champion .. vampire
    7) //
    8) and onward // .. planet / planet
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    Hi - this looks like potentially useful information. Can someone please explain for a relative noob like me. Thanks

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    Hi bill282828,

    This tournament expired a little over a week ago but there is a new one going on. Link to the thread on the tournament is here. It expires in two days but there will most likely be a new one after that. Each new tournament gives you an opportunity to win brand new dragons by winning 30 battles within the time window they give you. There are also sometimes shorter tournaments where you can get a second opportunity to win an old prize. For these, you don’t need to win as many battles because there is a shorter time window. The tournament interface will always tell you how much time you have left, the prize you can win, and how many more battles you need to win to complete it.

    Tournament events take place in the Battle Arena. You can read more about the Battle Arena in the Dragon Story Game Guide here.
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