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Thread: SALE: 2021 Apr. 29 - Spring Sale!

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    SALE: 2021 Apr. 29 - Spring Sale!

    5 Day Spring Sale

    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show

    Floor Tiles:
    Spoiler: show

    Wall Decos:
    Spoiler: show

    Floor Decos:
    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show

    Mystery Boxes/Crates:
    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show

    Master Box Info Thread for full details of box contents HERE


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    I just added them up, and I have 34 items from the cruise box in my attempts to win the 1st place prize. And now they open the box for everything except the main prize? It's just mean, is what it is.

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    This is way better than BS, I am finally able to get the 'flower fairy' after so long among other things.

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    I may look into buying one of the Trees, particularly the Asian Money Tree, only because I do get free gems on the account I want them on. May also look into the Chinese Celebration crate as well.

    Did buy the Green Star Award, whatever that is, just in case. I do want the Mighty Appliances but the only way I would be able to get them in time is if I were to buy gems and risk my free gem video option going away.... I would have a possible nice area to put them in but for now, I'll just leave it as is.

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    Anyway, again, if nothing else, I am glad that the market items are reasonably priced. Though I will admit I do like the items on here more than I do with bakery, but that's probably because I could see myself actually using (some) of the items they're offering in the decor section on RS in comparison to bakery.
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    What a great sale! Thanks S8! As I said in BS forum aswell-I haven?t seen some items in ages, especially on sale, so it was a nice surprise and obviously I bought a lot of stuff that I wanted and it was nice to see summer related items too, so we can get ahead and redecorate sooner with more options too, which is always great! Thanks!

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    Finally! Velvet Rope.
    And now is the time that I use up all my gems.

    +) I thought they've unlocked some cooking recipes.. but it wasn't. :P

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    I love this sale! (^_^) Sooo many cute items, I feel like a child in a candy shop, haha! Thanx S8!

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    Thank you Storm8 for bringing this sale. I was caught by surprise because I wasn’t expecting it. I definitely liked seeing almost all the decorations from the Cruise box for sale. This is an all around great sale because there are so many decorations to pick from and the mighty appliance and magic stove are available for purchase too. I just want to add that the magic stove should be a little bit cheaper because 200 gems is very expensive for IOS users. Those red stoves should cost the same price for both the IOS and Android users because not everyone has gem dispensers. If these ovens are affordable more players could buy it. Once again, thank you for this awesome sale. A+.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bocconotti View Post
    I love this sale! (^_^) Sooo many cute items, I feel like a child in a candy shop, haha! Thanx S8!
    Haha such a great description! I totally understand you! Now I’m going to explore boxes on sale!

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    I love this sale. I have never seen such beautiful decorations like the spring garden and the swan pond. They are perfect for a summer theme.

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