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Thread: Spring Sales

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    Quote Originally Posted by greywagtail View Post
    Got the GPD. Disappointing sales otherwise. Would love other Champion dragons with only one other element. E.g. champion/purple, champion/white, champion/stone. Tempted by Augur but only because I like the look of it
    Completely agree with the Champion+only-1-other-element hybrids, especially champion/purple

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    Gold producing dragon, what one is it? How much is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikep101 View Post
    Not a very overall exciting sale imo if this is it for spring, but still some good values. A good deal on flower habitats, but no other 5 types on sale at all. Unfortunately! If you are interested in rare dragons there are quite a few for really cheap. The ONE really exciting attraction though is the GOLD producing dragon. A must have for long term play.

    I would like to know if we can expect more spring sales or items coming or if this is it until BTS/Fall. Holding back some gold for more later that I could spend now. Perhaps if someone from S8 is listening? 😁
    What is the gold producing dragon? How much is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Susita3 View Post
    What is the gold producing dragon? How much is it?
    The new gold producing dragon is called Ornate and now costs 4,000 gold. You can find it in the last tab of the "Dragons" section of the market (Click on the star icon).
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