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Thread: 3 tier cakes in the game?

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    3 tier cakes in the game?

    I am trying to make a small section with 3 tier cakes. I gathered a few recipes that came to mind. Do you guys know any others? It is so hard to remember them because the presentation isn't shown on the recipe books

    - Amherst oven 3 cakes
    - Basic oven Pie cake
    - Blue competition stove - blue cake
    - Tea cup stove porcelain cake

    Thank you in advance, any help is appreciated

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    I'm sure I've missed some but a quick glance through my files got me this list:

    Aces Cake - Reds Oven
    Coaster Cake - Coaster Oven
    Daisy Cake - Basic Oven
    Delightfully Dark Cake - Turvey Stove
    Film Cakes - DSLR Oven
    Flower Cake - Petal Oven
    Fruit Cake - Basic Oven (2 hr recipe, not the 1 hr Fruitcake)
    Hallowedding Cake - Cursed Oven
    Palace Cake - Royal Oven
    Petal Cake - Garden Grove Stove
    Pillow Cake - Fluffy Oven
    Pin Up Cake - Cherry Oven
    Reveal Cake - Blue Bun Oven
    Romantic Cake - Heart Baker's Oven
    Romantic Rose Cake - Heart Baker's Oven
    Skyline Cake - City Cooker
    Spring Branches Cake - Garden Grove Stove
    Spring Cake - Garden Grove Stove
    Sunshine Cake - New Dawn Oven
    Unbirthday Cake - Alice's Oven
    Winter Branch Cake - Winter Frost Oven
    Winter Frost Cake - Winter Frost Oven
    Winter Holly Cake - Winter Frost Oven
    Woodland Cake - Woodland Oven

    You may be interested to know that I'm currently working on an updated version of the BS CookBook and Recipe Guide (link in my signature below) which will include all the recipes and their counter presentations. Hopefully it'll be a good resource for all of us who want to know what recipes look like once they're served up. Progress is slow but steady and I'm nearly done with inputting all the text at this point - hoping to get the images fully uploaded to the thread within the next few weeks.
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    Thank you AnnirasSweets for your help, this is very helpful!! I am so excited about your BS cookbook and recipe guide, I will keep my eyes on it.

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