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Thread: Spring Sale - 2021 Apr 21

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    Spring Sale - 2021 Apr 21

    Spring Sale
    April showers are here! For a limited time, get select Spring-themed items for 20% off!

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    Items on Sale:
    Floor Decorations:
    • Spring Umbrella Stand
    • Plumeria Lamp
    • Spring Mannequin
    • Rainboot Vase
    • Spring Couch
    • Tulip Dress Display
    • Rainboot Display
    • Cruise Karaoke

    • All gem/coin expansions
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    All these last weeks limited time items sales are great. One thing that annoys me are the small items that cost gems instead of coins. I work very hard for gems and there are no new catoluges,therefore buying those looks for me waste of gems

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    Can someone please tell me how much coins is the 26x29 expansion because I cannot see it, thank you.

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