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Thread: Castle Story 04/22: The Island of Audra (main story) | goals on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by tab1044 View Post
    Anyone have trouble with completing all available goals and not having the spell of flight to expand??
    No one has posted that they've had issues with this goal. Did you complete the goal that rewards the Spell of Flight? It's only 1 of the items you need to expand. Check the goals of part 2 on the first page of this thread and let me know which goal your book says compared to my post...

    The expansion plot will say you need it if you click on it to expand, but that's not all you need. You will expand to the plot in Goal 5:
    * Journey further into the Island of Audra 0/1 GO | Expansion requirements: W20 - 1 Spell of Flight, 2400 RP, 300,000 coins, 2 windchaser lanterns, 2 expansion permits

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    My first collection from the Dark Elf gave 115 coin, 3 wood, and a Black Flag for Living Wood. Love having another Living Wood dropper, yay!

    Second Dark Elf collection: 115 coin, 2 glimmerdust, black flagged Living Wood
    Plz add: SofiaDeo, pinkpresence (Pinks Place), impylou (Queen Impylou), aaerie (Aaerie)
    Plz ask all 4 or none, thx

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