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Thread: Castle Story 04/22: The Island of Audra (main story) | goals on page 1

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    I still can't get past Part 2 of 4 "Have a spell of flight." Someone said I need to expand areas on the main island. I don't want to that if it's not going to solve the problem because they use a lot of $$ and resources. I put a ticket in with S8 but haven't heard back yet. I've been stuck on this goal since Friday, it's very frustrating.

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    I have this problem also :-/

    Thank you for your help, I will try this.

    Unfortunately not, I tried this several times including uninstalling and reinstalling the game. :-(
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    If you are having an issue with a goal where the normal fixes don't work and it looks like a bug, you must post in the Bugs and Issues forum where the problem can be tracked and reported/escalated; not here (or at least post here that you've made a thread for others to then follow suit). If you post here it is unlikely to be seen as pages of additional posts are made daily. Given a few of you have logged tickets, that's fine and I'm sure it will be resolved soon for you. If an issue affects multiple players, it's better to post in the bugs forum so it's then fixed for all of us and not just an individual.

    Please remember that you are not allowed to post your comms with Support as per the forum rules.

    Please create a new thread if there is not one already so I can escalate that thread to S8. Thanks.

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    I didn’t get the skunkupine house goal.

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    Exclamation Bug at Part 3, Goal 3

    Quote Originally Posted by mxs010 View Post
    For me the "clue" did not show up on the screen either, there seems to be a glitch. I also chopped quite a few shards, finally checked the goal progress/inventory and the clue was already there.
    I think this is a bug for me. I think I have cleared so many sky shards (lost count), but still no clue. Finally, I gave up and used 30 gems to skip this task.

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    I have collected from my storm cloud four times and have got nothing. It's a long way to ten from here.

    I just found my Skyhawk in storage. It was a long way back in storage. Don't know how I missed that.
    So much wonderful information on Page one. Thank you so much all who contribute there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mxs010 View Post
    Yes, it is Lulani.
    Is Lulani a dropper or a walking citizen?
    If she?s a dropper, any idea what she drops?

    I am holding off on the last expansion plot for a while to craft more materials, but still curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonjaR82 View Post
    Expanding in Goal 5, Part 2/4 costs :
    - Spell of Flight (checked off)
    - 2400 Royal Points
    - 300.000 Coins
    - 2 Windchaser Lanterns
    - 2 Expansion Permits

    Goal 6, Part 2/4 :
    - Explore the Storm Cloud 1 (you get 1 from expanding in Goal 5, you can't buy any more in the Market, 4 hour waiting time, 16 Gem speed-up)
    - Gather Wind Stones 10
    - Give Wind Stones to Adamir 10
    Goal 6 what is the drop rate on the storm cloud? I've received one stone in 3 days!!

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    Storm Cloud drop rate is pants, 1 stone in now 4 days, ruining the game, 4 hours waiting for nothing!!!
    Come on Storm8 get it sorted, appears to be effecting numerous people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foodshorror View Post
    Goal 6 what is the drop rate on the storm cloud? I've received one stone in 3 days!!
    ShibuyaCloth mentioned 20% :

    Quote Originally Posted by ShibuyaCloth View Post
    Made some tests, I believe the drop rate is around 20%. So it will take a long time before I have the 10 stones.

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