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Thread: Castle Story 04/22: The Island of Audra (main story) | goals on page 1

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    Can you provide more information please? Which goal is in your book for this storyline? Read page 1 of this thread to help you as well if you haven't already. The wild skyhawk first spawns in goal 10 in part 1. That goal was to help you know how and where to spawn them for future.

    You only got the skyhawk pet if you completed part 1 in 7 days from when the story was released which was on 22 April, so it had to be completed on 29 April. Please let us know if we can help you further...
    The title of the goal says The Island of Audra Pt. 2/4 the goals are defeat wild sky hawks 1, gather skyhawk feathers complete, gather cloudstones complete, forge a windchaser lantern complete. It says skyhaws but only shows 1 and when I click on the goal it sends me to the clouds but it never defeats anything and if I only need to defeat I skyhawk why the plural wording? Are you saying this game is over because I missed the 7 day timeline to complete it? If this is the case, why would they still have the goal on my board and not remove it? How do I know if other goals are the same?
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    I have the skyhawk that takes two days before I can click on it but nothing ever happens in the game. Ive been wasting my efforts for nothing. Thank you for your help.
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    You need to click on the clouds when there is not a monster in the realm. It make take several clouds to spawn the Skyhawk but keep at it. You are looking for a Skyhawk monster to defeat not the Skyhawk S8 generously gave us.

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