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Thread: Buying new device. What kind *doesn't* freeze/lag?

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    Buying new device. What kind *doesn't* freeze/lag?

    My current cell and kindle are obsolete anyway, so I already plan to buy new ones, but it's hard to decide what to get.

    So I figure while I'm at it I'd ask y'all if anyone has a device that doesn't pause at moves. :-)

    Currently I'm wiping cache/data for CS every day because it freezes on each move before going to the next. I'm using a very cheap kindle mom just gave me (bleah) and my cell is a Motorola Z2 Force, Android 9.

    So, if you are not having freeze issues, what are you using?

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    My vote:
    Any iDevice

    My experience:
    No matter what, my CS/DS games lag and stutter like crazy on any droid-based device. I've tried dozens of different 'droid devices over the years and even when I use the latest and greatest on the market, my CS/DS are always slower and choppier compared to any iDevice. It doesn't matter if it's a brand new 'droid, fresh from the factory and CS is the only app installed, the game still has issues I just don't see with even older Apples.

    It's awful to me, really, because I don't actually like Apple products! Left to my own devices, I'd rely solely on products that run Android OS which offer me more user freedom - or really, any user freedom at all! lol However, due to my intense addiction to s8 games, I've found it more convenient to make the transfer to Apples for my main usage. Don't get me wrong, I still always have an active 'droid device as well because they offer certain functions in BS/RS that aren't available to iUsers - did I mention my addiction?

    Naturally there are many, many factors to consider when purchasing a new device and you've got to pick one that will work for your entire life. But in a perfect world where the only factor is playing CS? Then I'd stick with my vote for whatever iDevice tickles your fancy and fits comfortably into your price range Good luck and have fun shopping!

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    I got the newest iPhone SE last year and all the freezes/crashes/glitches stopped completely.

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    I have the small iPad and it’s a few years old but it works fine. Except the visiting neighbors is really slow.

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