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Thread: Old goals coming back up

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    Old goals coming back up

    It's beyond annoying when every goal I've ever done starts popping back up. saying time has run out, and wouldn't I like to waste all my gems doing them again. I have several times, indeed, wasted them because the things pop up suddenly, so you can hit them before you know they are coming, and then after a while they stop so you think they are done, until you try to do something else and then they start again. So I never had many gems! And then to add to the frustration, tonight when I was spending so long trying to get rid of them all, my dishes were spoiling before I could finish!

    Why does this happen, and is there no way to stop it? I haven't tried in RS to find that one mission I didn't finish, but in FS Thanksgiving, where there don't seem to be any more missions, it doesn't give me the chance to do the one I didn't finish, just all the ones I did!
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    sigh I guess no one answers these things!

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    Sorry your first post was missed. This is a randomly occuring bug that I've heard about but haven't seen any hard fixes offered to stop it entirely.

    That said, over the years many players have experienced this (mostly on 'droid devices) and have posted that the only way they've found to deal with it is to immediately force close the app when the pop ups start. The reports claim that after a force close, the pop ups will no longer appear.

    I did a quick search in the Bugs Forum and found an official response to the issue (which lines up with the above info) in the Bugs Forum here.

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