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Thread: DRAGON TALES: Candles of Yore - 2021 Apr 2

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    Hello !
    Is the Rainbow King Dragon worth it ? Strong enough for the battles ?
    I don't know if I trade for 15 tickets or for the dragon (I don't have gold horizon dragon yet) this time.
    What do you think ?

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    still stuck at Ch9 act 1. (win 2 fights with skyfun)
    will Storm8 ever consider retiring some of the commons? with all the tales and events going on for a few years now. it is difficult to get commons.

    for current tales, again, i am two days behind when i can finally bred Gleeful (so called common for completing the tales).

    then, in Ch8, and 9 , it is compulsory to win fights with second tales dragons, and after finally completing tournament, i always got opponents with blue, yellow element that i cannot use Skyfun (red) dragon to battle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patisserieforever View Post
    Hello !
    Is the Rainbow King Dragon worth it ? Strong enough for the battles?
    Realised I have 2 Rainbow Kings (from past event?). I took one to the battle - nope he didn’t win ★

    You may check the progress [ here ] ★

    In case if really needed, it’s 300 gold to craft a new dragon, and I saw a neighbour with 2 of these eggs sitting on her nests ★
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    // LB, Tales // my DS achievement (: ★ 3300+ essence ★

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