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Thread: Castle Story 03/5: A Piper's Predicament | event info on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by SylvanSanctuary View Post
    According to the info provided in the tracker for Celtic knots, we will need:

    Thank you S8 for changing the background on that window. I like the shamrocks and Leprechaun hats.

    Crossing my fingers for some scrolls....
    I'm waiting on scrolls too. I don't understand why we aren't getting them. What's the deal S8? It can't be that hard to throw some in a few places as rewards!
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    We want SCROLLS!!!!

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    We want SCROLLS!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melany77 View Post
    We want SCROLLS!!!!
    Somehow I've missed it. What do we need SCROLLS for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarterB22 View Post
    Somehow I've missed it. What do we need SCROLLS for?

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    Wow! A miracle roll back! Collected my adventure...nothing special. Then logged off. Came back an hour later and the adventure was there again. Collected again and got the gnome!! Only second special adventure prize ever for me. Quick! I need lottery tickets now lol!

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    I currently have 7,116 crowns. And NOTHING to spend them on. Can you give us scrolls instead of crowns, please? Or, even better, a way to convert them over, since they both give us walkers? Pretty please?

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    Me too ... Came here to see if i was going crazy haha i was on the Sand adventure too .. I didn't got the one from Ivy of course ... That's normal by now unfortunately. Previous event i think i went about 10 Times on adventure : 1 ****ty Ivy item ! Fortunately that one saved my ass haha i'm always out of Luck when it Comes to the Ivy drops. Waste off my nuggers. Luckely last event apples. That i have in overload. And i'm so happy when we can do adventures in another building so the Castle is free for the normaal ones ...

    Drop rate from the special adventure items is verry verry verry bad! Every event!

    BTW ! I always shop the Aspen tree of we need tree items. Then at least i also get the flowers, needed for the main story Line to make that ridicoulus 70 bottels

    And please Storm 8 ! Could you please change the tab 'special' in the inventory to ' crops' ? I often want to check what to plant, what do i need? When bakerys are full, incan't check there ... But checking inventory takes a long time. Would be Nice to have al the crops in a row in a tab

    Good Luck to everyone!
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    Ok, farmhouses spawn banshees. I think I've missed it, how do we earn the (bag) piper?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hagypagy View Post
    I collected my Kings Keep adventure , think I sent out Traverse The Desert Sands - but got all event supplies.
    That's very interesting. Mine will be up for collection in a couple of hours. I await impatiently.

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