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Thread: Can't spawn any monsters!

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    Question Can't spawn any monsters!

    About 2 challenges ago (so a couple of weeks), monsters just stopped spawning in my kingdom, which typically would mean that there is already a monster in the kingdom...but I have scoured every inch of the entire game board (including unexpanded areas, mermaid area, and marshland), and I can't see any monsters!! I have submitted another ticket, but the first one I submitted was rejected because "Support does not answer gameplay questions or give gameplay hints." I have read the FAQs and tried their suggestions (making sure I have the latest version, checking all areas of the board), to no avail.

    Can you find a monster in my land (Payre Caravel)? Or do you have any other suggestions? Thank you for your help!

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    Well, I am embarassed (but relieved)! Support answered my ticket and found a dire boar up in the "foggy" land past the Academy, and I just could NOT see it before she pointed it out!! Problem solved, and I am so glad they replied, even though it was my mistake!

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    Oh, that's really good to hear! Thank you for letting us know

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