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Thread: Cowbells silver

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    Unhappy Farm Story 2 - Cowbells silver

    1. Question

    I have so many Silver cowbells, but I can do nothing Witz this bells. Why can I Not Exchange this bells in Bronzebells.
    Ines More Bronze bells and I just keep getting Silver bells!
    That?s not fine.

    2. question.

    Why is this Chats always in english.
    My english is Bad and I can? t understand at all.
    Can you take a translation Button on this Chatroom?

    Thanks for help!
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    You can make Golden Lures with the Silver Cow bells.

    You have to take the words to a translator on the web.
    Using the web translator write what you want in your language and then translate to English and copy and paste the English to here.

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