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Thread: Resturant Story Probs

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    Resturant Story Probs

    I need my game fixed. Food taken off comes back n spoils. Resturant story.
    Help request late. I have to keep gifts I receive cleaned out or help requests dont make it to inbox.

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    It sounds like you may be experiencing sync problems; this basically means your game isn't fully connecting to the Storm8 servers which can cause your progress to rollback or reset. Sadly, there isn't much the team can do for this - as far as I know there isn't any official fix offered for this problem. For team verified tips/tricks to maintain your device and game, you may want to check out the RS Game Guide (pg. 3) which has sections on troubleshooting and resolving small, frequently seen issues.

    However, there are a few things that players have found useful that may help you as well:

    • Make sure you have a good, strong internet connection
    • Make sure your device has lots of free memory and clearing your cache regularly can also be helpful
    • Never leave your game open and running in the background, always close the program completely before leaving
    • If you play on multiple devices, make sure to fully close out RS and wait a few minutes before trying to open the app on a different device
    • After completing your last action in a gaming session, try to force a sync before closing out the game
    • Things that can force a sync: visiting a neighbor, posting/deleting messages on your wall, loading the Community Tab

    Keep in mind that I am just a fellow player offering advice, not an official s8 team member and that these methods are not 100%. These tips are just workarounds that the community has found helpful over the years so your individual results may vary but I'm hopeful one of the above tips offers help

    If you experience any future issues you can post in the RS Bugs Forum or open a Support Ticket with the s8 team.

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