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Thread: Castle Story 02/18: Need For Sparrow Speed | event info on page 1

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    Worst drop rate ever. By this rate you would think Sawmills are dropping Alicorns...not event items. I have NEVER seen such a terrible drop rate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meowmeowbeans View Post
    We've resolved the issue with the Bridle Bits and the Leather Straps. You should be able to get them now. There was also an issue where the craft ingredients for the Sparrow Saddle and the Sparrow Saddle were swapped, so you may have seen some quest and craft ingredients change. We really apologize for any inconvience!

    For clarification, Sabre Fangs come from Ambertooth, not Goldentooth. You can find Ambertooth monsters around the Cows.
    I collected from Ivy half an hour before this post... no drops. Have to wait another 12 hours to try again.
    Is this going to be compensated for everyone?

    Event is live not even 12 hours and we already have 14 pages of posts here..

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    Oak trees and red Acers are also dropping bridle bits now.

    Watch out for lurking skunkupines and fangbeasts.

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    Same issue. Collected from Ivy's hut and got nothing. Only 1 stirrup after chopping a whole forest.

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    This event is the kind of thing that caused me to stop playing for several years. This is supposed to be a “Fun” game, not a job. Challenging events are enjoyable and worth doing but having to check in constantly to get drops that don’t materialize is not only tedious, it’s a waste of everyone’s time.
    So very disappointed in this event S8, very disappointed

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    Also took forever to get the Slippery Fish

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShibuyaCloth View Post
    Me too, tried 20 times, 0 drops!
    WHOA, that has to be wrong! I collected 6 times and got one drop, ....0 from 20?

    I hope S8 gives us the buckles we were meant to have w this bottleneck, and that they fix this soon! Best to us all!

    Edit add from here: I was so shocked at 0 for 20 I responded before I caught up w trees and not sawmills as sources for craft bits in the forge. Two trees yielded everything I needed for the first craft.

    But yeah, VERY buggy event.

    Thanks S8 for addressing this early and not leaving us to Monday! Fast responses appreciated!

    Edit add add, so to speak: Am really confused, looking forward to more posts. So, we DO need the sawmills? MORE: My Ivy didn't drop anything but some items were showing as collected even though I hadn't touched them, including a sawmill and a wizard school. SO WEIRD. And unwanted, lol! Why couldn't the glitch collect from items out for deco, lol!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tops84 View Post
    I?ve got the same problem it showed a set of goals and then switched to the other goals so I collected from ivy and got nothing I really hope strom8 can fix this soon 爛
    Same problem here. Now i need to wait 12 hours to collect from Ivy.

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    Storm8 , why not just make all drops for this event guaranteed drops?!
    Yes it might make a quick and easy event ... but I think that’s appropriate compensation for such a messy start.
    I think everyone would enjoy a rest and some general kingdom play after the two Monster Hunt Leaderboards recently.
    You’ve upset a lot of players with this, so a simple fix won’t suffice.

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    Craft for sparrow bridle does not show up in forge

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