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Thread: Castle Story 02/18: Need For Sparrow Speed | event info on page 1

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    OMG! Drope rate is terrible !! 😭

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    yes they are likely additional goals, but as I'm given just a list it's not clear where they fit in so I just added them at the end until someone got to that point and I could provide clarity... even the Search the Sparrow Stable might be a separate goal, but there are only 11 goals. Sorry it's confusing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by uiop55 View Post
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    Seriously, S8, Slippery Fish drop is 1 out of 21 collections?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GiselleX16 View Post
    I'm pretty sure there's a bit of info missing - looks like a side goal where you can buy whichever sparrow you didn't choose in goal 11.

    Goal 11:
    * Choose a Sparrow (Which one is yours?) 1
    Rewards: 100 coin, 10 xp

    Search the Sparrow Stable (What's that in the hay?) 1

    ADDITIONAL GOAL (most likely to be purchased with gems):

    Summon the Emerald Sparrow (Only summons the Emerald Sparrow.) 1 *Only available if you choose the Topaz Sparrow
    *Summon the Emerald Hatchling (Only summons the Emerald Hatchling.) 1

    Summon the Topaz Sparrow (Only summons the Topaz Sparrow.) 1 *Only available if you choose the Emerald Sparrow
    *Summon the Topaz Hatchling (Only summons the Topaz Hatchling.) 1
    ‘Choose a sparrow’ in goal 11 uses the amulet crafted in goal 10 (4h, uses 5 lumin essences) to craft the sparrow you choose (sparrow stable craft). This takes 1h.

    The pop up goal ‘a spare sparrow’ with either Topaz/Emerald sparrow and hatchling, shows up after you choose, for you to use gems to buy the ones you did not choose; sparrow is 400 gems and hatchling is 150 gems. To buy, press skip for these goals as you cannot craft them after you have chosen.

    ‘Search the sparrow stable’ is an adventure that pops up in the stable. I don’t think it is part of goal 11, it shows up after collecting the sparrow craft in goal 11. If memory serves, it requires 5 enchanted essences and quite a lot of jewels (50?) and creep tooth (30?). 1h adventure and upon completion, you get the hatchling.

    Make sure you have at least 6+h after upgrading sparrow dome to level 6 in goal 9, to finish last few steps.
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    I am confused, the 'Sparrow Dome' goal to upgrade to level 2 is asking me for 4 'Sabre Fang' which doesn't coincide with page #1.

    Suggestions To Improve Game Experience HERE

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    You need 4 at all levels except the last as normal. This time it's not appearing in the goals but you'll see in on the upgrade screens.

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    Got a sale announcement, nature says sale, but I can’t find anything on sale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flowersandgems View Post
    The slippery fish have gone from bad to ridiculous.
    Don't know how long I want to do that.
    I have 19 ponds and get one fish consistently. It was on the eleventh pond, then twelfth, then on the fourteenth.
    Now on the second last pond.
    I'm beat.
    I am confused about why there are so many bugs. I would think that all of the events use the same basic code

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    I'm going very slowly but so far so good. I'm not ready to panic yet. The storyline is cute and clever. I just have to laugh about the Baron and the jewels. And I like the three creatures.

    I think the sale is maybe the Valentine's Cupid for the Monday door buster. Check the Featured tab. It's also in the Nature tab if you sort by Animals.

    I feel bad that some players are having significantly worse drops. For the fish I did terribly with regular ponds. Once I switched to wells my drop rate went from none at all to one every 9-16ish. I think this is one of the intended bottlenecks. If you have any wells, I would give them a try.
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