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Thread: Castle Story 02/18: Need For Sparrow Speed | event info on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by hagypagy View Post
    Storm8 , why not just make all drops for this event guaranteed drops?!
    Yes it might make a quick and easy event ... but I think that’s appropriate compensation for such a messy start.
    I think everyone would enjoy a rest and some general kingdom play after the two Monster Hunt Leaderboards recently.
    You’ve upset a lot of players with this, so a simple fix won’t suffice.
    Totally support this... especially as these Events are just repeats of constantly recycled Events just with different items/Blurb/Graphics...surely by now there should be no glitches!!!
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    Craft for bridle has swapped from buckles from sawmills to stirrups from crab apple trees. I’m guessing buckles have been moved to saddle.

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    Am on GMT, went to bed last night having used gems to speed up bridle components due to wrong requirements (did not require straps but needed 5 buckles from sawmills), and dire drops from sawmills. Definitely had enough straps to make 3 saddles (which now do not require straps) due to ivy hut collection and 2 lucky adventures. Now they swap the requirements and I have got the saddles but not enough bridle components which now need the bottleneck ivy hut strap drops! Not happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilkingdome View Post
    This event is the kind of thing that caused me to stop playing for several years. This is supposed to be a ?Fun? game, not a job. Challenging events are enjoyable and worth doing but having to check in constantly to get drops that don?t materialize is not only tedious, it?s a waste of everyone?s time.
    So very disappointed in this event S8, very disappointed
    Couldn?t agree more. This does not look like ?fun?...I have a job that requires frustrating work, don?t need another one.

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    This event seems totally identical to the Out of this World event from January where we got Pavo.
    That one was kind of insane but doable when you have time to babysit regularly.
    Only that this time we missed out on the first Ivy drop because in the beginning it was the sawmills. That’s a lot of lost time.
    Kingdom: Peroldrado
    (Gem confirmation button please)

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    For anyone waiting for fixes or other's experiences before risking a collection from Ivy: I just collected from Ivy 1hr 2 min ago and did get a strap.
    However, I Don't know if this means it is/was "fixed" or if Ivy's is just (another!) non-guaranteed drop.

    I did not get any event drops from my last 2 collections from my 2 sawmills (4 tries), but the rate on those seems reported as low so far so not unusual.

    Progress: I am on Goal 5 (Upgrade to Level 2) waiting on my next Ivy and collecting from all the babysittin' tasks meanwhile. 🙃

    General comment (this-doesn't-fit in the post but wanted to share praise): Happy to see Gems as a reward for building a Sabretooth! 🥰
    (Thank you! ❤️ )

    Sad no Academy Scrolls. 😕
    Disappointed that the Nadina's brethren birds and elf-rider was not a cannon nod to the elf storyline. Perfect tie-in potential for a little "this was written by someone familiar with CastleStory lore" nod, even if it's not official storyline! (Why was Ruler surprised by Thurston's idea to "tame/ride" the birds? Did... we lose our memory again? Must be all the glitches... )
    I'm not picky though, would settle for a smooth error-free event! 🥺

    Personal Opinion:
    So sad to see another glitchy rollout, hope everyone who spent gets their gems/$ back. 😥
    Issues like these do not build any consumer confidence in product quality, and in my opinion completely zap all enjoyment. Communication is key (what, again? why does it keep going wrong? Do you need help, s8? ) Unfortunately, no way to repair folks' lost nerves... communicate and try to make sure it doesn't happen again, please... wishful thinking. 😕❤️
    Have a wonderful day on and away from this game all! ✨ Hope our beloved shiny distraction's updates are enjoyable again soon. ❤️

    Hoping for smooth sailing.... ✨
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    Bridle bits drop from Aspen trees which is great for those of us still plugging away at the Benediction Brews for the university goals!

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    Did developer really resolved the issue with the Bridle Bits and the Leather Straps? yes. I am on goal 3. now I can get bridle bits from tree. and the sawmill no silver buckle any more. ( I got 2 silver buckles on my first visit )
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    Everything seems to be ok now. A couple of observations: the math will be slightly different than typical events.

    Gemstone hides (from monster spawned from dead trees): looks like we only need 22, not 44
    Stringy Moss: from dead trees, required in all 3 crafts. Two of the crafts need 6, not 5. If I've done my math correctly we will need 484, not 440.
    Millet Buds and Slippery Fish: 66. (Wow: 21 ponds, 2 fish)
    Buckle: 22
    Leather Strap: 22
    Bridle Bits: 110

    On a side note: I am so done with gem traps. I somehow lost 15. The only thing I can figure out is I somehow bought a bridle while looking at the crafts in the Magic Forge. S8: I will NEVER buy gems if you don't get a gem use confirmation button. We know you can program "do you want to use these resources".
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    Nothing from my saw mills. I did receive a leather strap from Ivy's for crafting the bridle. I'm on step 3.

    Cows spawned two fangbeasts and an ambertooth. Good advice to collect from bushes with the ambertooth up.
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