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Thread: Castle Story 02/18: Need For Sparrow Speed | event info on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilkingdome View Post
    This event is the kind of thing that caused me to stop playing for several years. This is supposed to be a ?Fun? game, not a job. Challenging events are enjoyable and worth doing but having to check in constantly to get drops that don?t materialize is not only tedious, it?s a waste of everyone?s time.
    So very disappointed in this event S8, very disappointed
    I stopped playing back in December, during another glitchy event, came back to see if things have changed. Well, it seems things have gotten even worse. Such a shame this used to be a great game!!!

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    Gotta say this event is buggy/glitchy and boring. It would have been nice to have an I timed storyline event and it seems as thought this could have fit with the elves and Nadina (which seems to be a story line that has been completely dropped). And I’m really tired of having to de-forest my queendom. I’m just going to collect energy and answer requests for things from friends. Good luck all.

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    I love this event. I really do. Yes, there are some minor inconveniences like poor drops or little bit unclearly explained tasks about the sparrows in the end (probably it will be easy to understand once I am so far). But what makes me very happy are: no need to babysit the game, no need to collect every 2 hours to get together 1000 of something, no need to occupy the Kings Keep for adventure, no need to be upset for the adventure not dropping the rare prize - this time there is simply no rare prize, just supply. And I absolutely love the idea that adventure takes golden apple instead of rare nugget and is optional. If we miss some Ivy Hut collections and don't do the adventures, we will still be able to maximally upgrade before the end of event! Saving gems, saving a lot of time for our real life, no need to set timers day and night, funny dialogues, nice story, great visual - I love CastleStory again. Thank you so much for this event dear S8! Wish there would be more such easy and enjoyable stress-free events like this one in future. Love it.
    I am very sorry for all the players who have experienced major bugs in this event. I hope everything gets fixed and you get your joy of playing back.

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    I will agree, I do like the format of this event though I too find the drops are not so great. The slippery fish have proved particularly slippery for me. I just collected from 9 ponds, 2 autumn ponds, and 2 Hydronous Hollows and got a grand total of one slippery fish. Bleah. I put out some more ponds (I didn’t realize I had so many) so here’s hoping. My marshy area is gonna look extra marshy for the next week or so, lol.
    Another day in Team Lava Land, another collection of coins, another trip to that change machine at the grocery store...

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    I sent an invite to iuop55. I was in need of friends too and the forum really helped!

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    I also like this event. Luckily S8 was responsive very quickly, although most players started down 1 Ivy collection immediately. As for the poor drops, the recharge time and amount of those items are low enough that there is no need to babysit your game. I have not been consistent at all with my sawmills and only need 1 more for the event. For the fish, I only concentrated on my ponds 3-4 times a day, usually waiting the 10 minutes 2 of those times. I've collected all of them. Ivy really is the only bottleneck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farmgirl8888 View Post
    I stopped playing back in December, during another glitchy event, came back to see if things have changed. Well, it seems things have gotten even worse. Such a shame this used to be a great game!!!

    I have been playing for years. I have skipped a few events the last few years or not played as frequently. I stopped playing in Dec. as well.

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    In the last 30 minutes, the game has rolled back on me 17 times (Yes! I kept count)

    I put down Dead Trees and start chopping them, and it rolls back, removing all the trees. When I managed to put down the trees and chop a few, it rolls back and brings back the felled trees but confiscates any Tree Grubs and Stringy Moss I collect. It gets even weirder! I chop the trees, it rolls back and brings back the trees but, now they cannot be chopped I force close the game and restart it, the game puts back a few of the trees (not in sequential placement) it removed when it last rolled back.

    What is it with S8 and their client-server syncing issues? It seems to exists in a number of their games and has been left unfixed for several years. Don't they have at least one programmer to spare to look into changing/fixing their current error-handling routines?

    And NO! There is nothing wrong with my internet connection or my device, and deleting and reinstalling the game hasn't solved this issue. Writing to support hasn't helped either, and we aren't allowed to repeat what they say here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadpixel View Post
    Did you have any of the roll-backs after the force-close?
    For me it helps to force-close the game every time I play + force-close all other things that were open on my tablet (internet, reading apps), when I play Castle Story.

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    I keep killing the Ambertooth from cows. I see the fangs drop but my count doesn?t increase. What am I doing wrong?

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