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Thread: SALE: 2021 February 11 - Valentine's (7 Days)

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    SALE: 2021 February 11 - Valentine's (7 Days)

    Valentine's Day Sale - 7 Days

    Sale Pop Ups:
    Spoiler: show

    Sale Items:
    Spoiler: show





    Floor Tiles:

    Wall Decos:

    Floor Decos:

    Mystery Boxes/Crates:

    Link to Master Box Guide for full details of Mystery Box/Crate contents


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    Very very disapointed sale

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    Thanks Annira as always for the thread!

    As for the sale, its just as disappointing as the black friday and christmas sales. Again theyre giving us mostly newer items and nothing out of crates like weve been asking for. I really dont understand why they dont put more into these sales as it seems like its what the community gets the most excited for.

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    X2, very very poor this sale. What happen whit storm8?

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    Disappointing sale, the one in RS is better as I'm able to buy a few 3rd & 4th place items after trying for them many times.

    Unless S8 forgot but...

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    Maybe they've developed an allergy to money?

    I mean, I really can't think of any other reason why they wouldn't relist more of the hundreds of V-day items from years past. Players have been wanting and asking for this sale so they had no reason to think they wouldn't make money on gem purchases so...

    Really lost as to what their thought process is

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    I am so glad that Storm8 listed a bunch of purple stuff that has nothing to do with St. Valentine?s Day. Especially sincd there are a ton of good Valentine?s things that are not sold now that would be great to buy, they give us purple stuff instead.

    And much of it was in the sale last year, so it is great to see it again.

    Maybe next year they could give us a bunch of black stuff with mold on it. For gems. That would be even better.


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    Why is Restaurant story sale always Better than Bakery story sale???

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    Pathetic just pathetic sale, why bother Storm 8?

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    Why are they showing under Floor Decorations these 3 goal items that I cannot purchase? V-Day Bouquet, Sweetheart Basket and Sweetheart Cafe. I have never seen items in the sale that are goal items that I cannot purchase. I would probably purchase them all if they’d unlock them!

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