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Thread: Missing habitat/gold

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    Missing habitat/gold

    I bought the fantastic floor for 300 gold and moved my dragon to it. An hour or 2 later I go to my island and the habitat is missing as is the 300 gold form my account.

    I?ve already sent a ticket in to support, but this is the second time that this has happened to me. Thankfully it fixed itself last time, but it doesn?t seem to be this time. These rollbacks are absolutely brutal though. They mess up crops, take away wins against tough opponents in the battle arena, and have taken one of my 10x breeding boosts before.

    Storm8, y?all gotta do better lol

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    It might take a few business days for support to respond. A tip to avoid this from happening that I can give is to visit a neighbor answer you but the item to force save the game. Also make sure you have a stable internet connection and force close the game before launching after you play on another device if you have multiple linked.
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