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Thread: BOX: Date Night Crate - 2021 Feb. 02

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikki133 View Post
    Will there be another valentines themed chest :-/ ? Its my first time playing during valentines month i miss it every year but looking at the removed valentines themes chests from precious years...they are so much cuter while this crate is just filled with people
    The pattern we've been seeing the last few years is that only February's chest will be Valentine's themed, next month's chest will likely be a St. Patrick's Day theme.

    However, the old Valentine chests are usually relisted during sales for half price so it's likely you'll get a chance at those items again.

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    Haha tried to correct a typo and it just reposted it it with the same typo then I couldn't delete so I'm writing this ������

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    Well shoot! I would have liked to have had the puppy in the box Lol actually I like it better than the horse one

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    Due to lack of items in our Valentine's Day sale I decided to try the box and got the rose display and lovely puppy.

    I wanted the bubbly romance but that's okay.

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    I bought into this crate, and the items look nice paired to one of the floral crates from a year (or closer to) ago.

    Forgive my incomplete look of the bakery, it's a decoy I very rarely use, but it still looks nice. That is if you ignore the white/orange spaces, as I use them for mapping where a specific tile is going to go, until I have the coins/gems to buy that tile. Otherwise it's nice!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I esspaiclly like the love puppy paired with the Gardener's Gazebo. That's nice.

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