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    Restaurant Story

    Hello team s8!
    I really like the mission from 2016 Valentine's day, everything is great, but unfortunately I missed it, because I play a restaurant story from 2017 and I know that the missions are not repeated!
    Please now when the love mission comes, release cupid foutan as a special offer! And always have a stove from past old missions as a special offer. Otherwise there is no way to have these great stoves. I hope someone pays attention to me! As a serious player, I want to have all the stoves from past old missions and to play and develop my restaurant

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    Unlock the old stoves from past missions. Every month unlock 2 stoves from old missions, these stoves cost 30 diamonds and which player wants to buy it! I want a cupid foutan and a decadent stove and if they are unlocked now I will buy one! no matter how much they cost

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    Welcome to the forums! This specific area, the Bugs Forum, is where players post if they need help on fixing an error/bug/glitch with their game.

    If you'd like to make suggestions, you should check out the RS Suggestion Forum.

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    Thank you for the information!

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