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Thread: Missing Gifts and Requests

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    Missing Gifts and Requests

    For almost a year now, Im only able to receive between 17 and 19 gifts on the first day of every goal and often there are various days in between. As well, for the last 4 or 5 months, Ive only been able to receive 12 requests! Today, it was 9!! I have fabulous neighbors and a second account, so I am able to check using my own bakery.

    I emailed Storm several years ago when this all started. It has been degrading since then. They told me they could find no issue? This is getting ridiculous! Its not fair that other players are able to have full access to the games features while Im not.

    Is there anyone who can help with this issue, or am I playing a game that cant or wont deliver? Ive spent a lot of money on this game. I need help!

    Four of my neighbors have complained of the same as of today. Callies Crumbs, Jujubies, mama jo?s, and Haven Bakery. I also had several people who werent neighbors, come to my wall complaint. lol! As if I can fix this...

    Anyone else with this same issue, feel free to comment.

    P.S. Parts ARE given thru ovens now as well, but not enough to make up the difference. So....
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    I have the same issue. I'm also one of callies crumbs neighbor. I always wait til their full then I delete what I don't want but never get the full 20. Bs!!

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    I have long noticed that I don't get to send out a full 20 requests.

    I just don't see it changing :/

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    I have the same problem in both bakery story and restaurant story. I never get 20 requests. A goal started in Restaurant yesterday and I only got nine requests back. I think they purposely hold back the requests so it takes longer to complete the goal. Maybe they want us to use gems so we purchase more gems. I don?t really know. But it?s very frustrating. I have seen others complain too so I think it happens to a lot of people.

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    I noticed this issue today. I’m not getting request for the new goal.

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