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Thread: Need help. Support is not responding

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    Need help. Support is not responding


    I have raised on sunday a support ticket. Due to game reset i have lost a part to craft handler dragon. At the moment i am stucked, as i can not go on playing the dragon tales event. I am 2 days behind.

    I was expecting that i will receive an answer on monday. Nothing happened.

    I am really disappointed that i did not get any response as it is critical for the gameplay.

    Who can help me?

    Thanks a lot

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    Monday was a holiday (Martin Luther King Day) in the US, so the team might not have been working. It also sometimes takes a few business days for them to respond.
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    Now i got help. I was not aware of the holiday in the us.

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    Closing thread as issue (hopefully) resolved. If not please let me know by clicking on my name and send me a message.

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