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Thread: ?Beyond Honor? Bug

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    ?Beyond Honor? Bug

    I think there?s a bug in the ?Beyond Honor? task. If you read the description of the ?Beyond Honor? task, it says you should be awarded ?heavenly gems? for each step you complete which I believe are the hearts. For some reason, it?s awarding the battlemarks (the shields) instead. Because of this, I?ve earned the monthly battle arena dragon in a day. However, I?d much rather get the gems so I can properly participate in the community event and have a chance of earning the dragons at the end.

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    I think what is supposed to be awarded is the parasols used for the monthly dragon.
    As you earn the hearts and move along the milestone line, at each halfway point between the milestone markers in past events we got the monthly item.

    I hope they can fix this and give players corresponding parasols to those buffalo badges.

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    This issue has been fixed by the team.

    Make sure to accept the free gift they gave us in the goals menu titled “Great Many Gifts”
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