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Thread: Oxa collection time

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    Oxa collection time

    This event is similar in format to Kung Who! panda! event so the Oxa is the fire panda equivalent. Oxa has a 4h collection time vs 2h for the fire panda. Only dropping 1 portal ore per collection and you will need 108 in total for the 6 portal keys. Most players will not be able to do this if the collection time is 4h. Please fix.

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    Can we please have a direct response on this?

    Fire Panda had a 4 hour crafting time and a humble 2 hour collection time, whereas the Oxa has both a 4 hour crafting time AND matching 4 hour Collection time. This makes it look like a bug, not intentional, even if it does match the information given to SW.
    We appreciate that the team has listened to our feedback and continuously improved this event type from one iteration to the next, but this seems like a step backwards and if it was a deliberate choice made to preserve the almost unrealistic challenge of this event I feel we have a right to know.

    This literally doubles the time needed to complete the last hurdle of this complicated event, and represents a serious barrier to game play for many loyal players.

    Thank you! ❤️
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    Timer changed to 2 hours and oxa drops increased to 2-3 from each oxa every collection. Yay!

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