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Thread: Out of this world

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    Out of this world

    Does anyone know how to tame Oxas? No reference or clue given.

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    Hi there! ❤️

    You will probably find the Out of This World Event Thread helpful- event threads are usually stickied at the top of the forum. 😊
    The Goal Information write-up is in post 3:

    I'm not at that part of the event yet, but according to the thread it looks like To Tame an Oxa in Goal 10, you craft them in the Cavus Cavern (where you craft the Portalpillars, you would have placed it at the beginning of the Event- Pictures further down in thread if you need a reminder of its appearance!)
    The Oxa is a 4-hour craft and takes 1 Oxa Saddle, 1 Light Armor, 1 Longsword (info found under Crafting Information).

    Good luck! ❤️

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    Please do not create duplicate threads. If you have anymore questions please ask in the main thread. Closing duplicate thread. Thanks

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