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Thread: Castle Story 1/7: Out of this World | event information on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonjaR82 View Post
    For me the Oxa were dropping lost of Ore and the hold up was the drop from the Gigatus Portalpillar.
    If it?s the same with you, you could look at speeding up the Portal.
    It only costs 2 Gems each time, and the spawn is guarenteed. It will cost you much less than the cost of the Value Pack.
    Just keep in mind you have to craft the Key?s too.
    Good luck!
    I ended up speeding up the portal and completed it today. I'm not entirely happy about it but it's the only event I've participated in for some time and I just felt annoyed at the prospect of not completing it.

    Quote Originally Posted by TeikaEmberstorm View Post
    Um, Gameaddicted, I feel quite distressed for you. No game is worth that. Your family and health are definitely more important. What ever the next/future event will be, the reward won't be worth it/not as important as your family.
    I agree. No game is ever worth this.

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    yea i did it!!!!🎉🎉🎉 at the 23 hours i needed my last key so (14) + 4 for key 5. so i sacrificed sleep and I do mean sacrifice I went to bed at 12 a.m. and then woke up at 2 a.m. to play woke up ever hour to play and get those keys there is only 2 hours left in the game and key number 6 is almost finished. I know a lot of people are complaining about this event being hard but thank you Storm8 for making it hard I'm a person that likes a challenge and quite frankly most of the games I play on this is quite easy and I don't spend Gems whatsoever on events because i dont have a lot and i save it for energy animals. so when i have played previous games i sometimes skip an entire day of playing and still get the main prize. this event i wasn't able to skip one-hour of Play time. because at first Oxa wasn't producing any Beast to defeat my farmhouses wasn't producing them and the trees wasn't producing them for me either so for like 3 days I wasn't getting any of the Beast to defeat. I stopped playing dragon story because it was literally a game of spending gold or being bored no challenge so thank you Storm8 for a great complicated event. i wanted to stop at less 5 times bit i kept on going

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    Whew! I also speeded up the portal with a total of three gems. I might have made it without, but didn?t want to take a chance of being distracted (really enjoying watching the news today). We will see how much of it stays out.

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    i finish 2 hours before the end >___</

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    Can this be the last post for the worst event ever?

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    Omg omg! I spent so many resources on this event! Then I go and have to leave game before I can collect my last 2 keys in time!! Ahhhhhhh I can Not believe it, no Pavo After All That!!

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    It seems I still can't store my bloom

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosewood_Keep View Post
    It seems I still can't store my bloom
    force close and you shoud be able to - mine's working ok!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosewood_Keep View Post
    It seems I still can't store my bloom
    I can't store mine, either. Force closed and restarted several times.

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    The binary bulb gave me coins and a black flag for spellbound dew. Apotranus gave me coins and a black flag for purple petals.

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