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    Came here to celebrate. Finally started the craft for my 3rd Oxa. Wahoo! Finally!

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    I am having the most awful time getting vines. I have once got 3 twice got 2 drops and the rest of the time I get 1 vine. No way I will complete this challenge. Ridiculous when drop are based on good or bad luck. Why wouldn?t they give more sources if the drops are so bad

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    Triple threat

    So, yee-ah, I've started referring to this event type in my head as the triple threat:
    3 types of critters to slay/craft (portalpillars)
    3 layers of limiting factors (bloom, bulb, oxa)
    3 penultimate characters to craft (oxas; past: piggies, red pandas)

    And over 3 times the usual # of pages on the event thread by this time in an event.

    Encouraging all who are still having fun to keep going!!! We are not alone, may the force be with you, to seek out new worlds, nanu nanu.

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    Was kinda hoping a fix would’ve been implemented by the time I woke.

    Storm8 you NEED to fix the event!!

    My quickfix easy suggestion of giving all players the Planomos Pine will only work if it is gifted ASAP.
    Otherwise the Oxa collection time or drop rate needs to be altered, also ASAP.

    Please fix soon!

    Also it seems like a lot of players bought the pack with the 10 Expansion Permits ...
    DON’T equate the money spent on this to a successful event.
    It didn’t help at all with the event, but was a great EP saving - hence why a lot of players got it.

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    Now that I am crafting my third Oxa, is there any need for Hydronous Hollow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trailbean View Post
    Now that I am crafting my third Oxa, is there any need for Hydronous Hollow?
    Not as far as I?m aware, I kept 1 out as I had enough room in my event plot, see pic in post #379 but I stored the other, also the cavern once I crafted the oxas and the portapillars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melany77 View Post
    I agree that oxas' drops make this event very challenging for most people. Oxas have a guaranteed, fixed drop rate of 1 ore per collection. With a 4 hour timer, the most dedicated player would collect 15 ores per day (5 collections from 3 oxas). Since you need 108 ores, that'll take 7.2 days. We only have 8 days left now. You can see how tight it is for most folks. Only players that log in every 4 hours for the next 7 days, assuming they have all 3 oxas by the end of today, will finish. You have no wiggle room. This is by far the most challenging event I've seen.
    I agree this is going to be a huge -set your alarm-challenge. But I'm seeing just a slim hair of some wiggle room because I'd been collecting from Oxa as they've been collected for and crafted, so I already have about 6 or 7. This gives me just a thin fine advantage. I'll still have to set alarms to stay on track.
    Others who don't have the 3 yet may not be able to complete.
    I wonder if making the event this close was intentional or if something was programmed wrong.
    It had a glitch on Step 1. That's not very reassuring.
    Oh another thing:
    I was lucky to get 2 of the Apotranus blooms. I can't store them. Is that unusual? I don't remember anything like that before.
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    Just started making my last saddle so I'll have my 3rd oxa in the morning. I agree that this event is pretty brutal. Weirdly, not that energy intensive. But SUPER time intensive. I've been pretty disciplined about logging on every hour or two but now I wish I'd been even more strict since people are saying there's a chance we won't make it.

    I'm really hoping Pavo is a weekly dropper like Mei. This kind of high maintenance event calls for a juicy prize.

    I'm not freaking out because these things usually work out, even when things look dire. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.

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    And, still getting a zero hydronous water drop. I'm glad I didn't use gems to hurry it up. That would have been even more annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pippinville View Post
    Hydronous hollow is now dropping hydronous water every time from both (last two times I collected) instead of 50%. S8 must have thanx
    Not for me. Still lucky if I get 1 hydronous water out of the two hollows. I finally bought the second hollow last night due to low and slow drops.
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