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Thread: Castle Story 1/7: Out of this World | event information on page 1

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    Ahh that's good. I must have done something wrong with the store-then-grow in that case, Ronja! (I'll follow the method on 1st page with another 3 just to see if I can get it to work again 😊 ) Thanks for checking ❤️

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonjaR82 View Post
    Look at the goal description of Goal 5. (* Gather Perihelion Muck (Tend to Pigs or Perihelion Hogs!) x6)
    You got this description in-game too.
    It has been mentioned a lot here, but I can see it's easily missed if you don't read everything. I'm sorry.
    Especially when a new event begins, lot of tips and tricks are shared here.

    That will teach me to only skim read the first and last page. Oh well. At least now I know not to buy or spend gems on this. Thanks for the info.

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    IMHO, those of us who have spent hundreds in our local currency or just persevered w the Baron's tent, events, and elven trades for energy droppers and other resource supply droppers have earned the right to a more relaxed/balanced event experience.

    This wasn't it. : (

    I just did the calculations for myself: IF I am vigilant, I will finish on the last day. As posted previously, I got lucky w a second bloom AND bought the early pack. AND I have had the time to log on vigilantly w timers AND have had support from someone playing for me. That's kinda crazy to NEED all that to scrape to a finish by the proverbial skin of portalpillar's teeth. (I assume they do not have skin on their teeth, but you can never tell with aliens.)

    S8 was doing so well with responsiveness and communication... I miss them. S8, come back! Come back!

    I join the ranks of those gentle, peaceful and respectful hand wavers and go back to enjoying what is there for me to enjoy, which is still a lot.

    Best to all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverly View Post
    Are you fighting the ones that spawn from trees? That's probably a stupid question, but those are the ones that drop the stones.
    I know that for sure but honestly I can't remember if the ones from farmhouses do or don't.

    Adding: just those spawned from trees. And from reading back thru some posts any tree should work just like the featured one in market.

    Adding again:: Bigger Bubbles. I just saw your post below. I too just chopped the Eclipse elms, but several different players posted other trees worked.
    You?re the best! I had a stand of misc trees and got the stones I needed in less than five minutes!

    Thanks so much! Good luck everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by knuffel19 View Post
    That will teach me to only skim read the first and last page. Oh well. At least now I know not to buy or spend gems on this. Thanks for the info.
    Smart, best save your money/Gems for when you know it will make a difference.
    The Portalpillars can still be cool to have though
    And you can store the Eclipsed Elm tree (if you store the sapling before growing it), so you might get some nice deco out of this event at least.

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    To save myself some sanity, I may consider doing a four hour alarm for the oxa, and do 4 gem speed ups for the portal to spawn the gigantis. It costs two gems per speed up. That might take some of the stress out. Or to give me more energy to work with, do a two hour alarm.

    I also was wondering if no reply from moderators and S8 meant things are working as intended (and that we do sometimes freak out a bit early in the event). And they are giving it time to see how it's going. It would be nice for a message. For a super nice reward I can understand making it harder. It is definitely harder.

    I forgot to store saplings on one bunch. Yesterday I did store a handful that grew to maturity. Any tree should work to get the glow stones but I often was able to spawn more than one ppillar per willow.

    And yeah I'm afraid if you still are not getting much muck from perihelion hogs you might be better off crafting portalpillars. I completely gave up on pigs of any color. I have a theory that you can craft multiples of each portalpillar, but if you go up to the next one that you won't be able to go back and get more of the previous one.

    Good luck to everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hagypagy View Post
    SarahSN, if you are setting timers and collecting every 4hrs that you are awake you should just make it!
    Thanks for the response (and hope!) Hagy I'll be vigilant with my timers!! Fingers crossed
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    Teika, I just read your post above. My suggestion (which is just my opinion) is to not use gems to speed up the Portal. You'll have multiple chances to collect from there while waiting for Oxa.
    If anything, I see myself using a few gems to speed up the Oxa.
    And of course we can't forget the 12 hour binary bulb. Geeeze.

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    I read that we know have two places where we can now get the portal pillar gigantism after goal ll. However my portal is still only giving 1 and twice ive tried the oxas with no gigantism. Is anyone else having the problem or is it super rare.

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    The remedy for all of the problems will probably be a Value Pack in 3 days. Perhaps there will be some Expansion Permits to sweeten the pot. In the end, it always boils down to money for a company.

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