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Thread: Castle Story 1/7: Out of this World | event information on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonjaR82 View Post
    From what I understand Pavo is one of the best daily Energy droppers there is. (5+ Energy)
    + You won't just be doing it for Pavo, but also for a completed Level 7 Portal, that is gonna be a Trade Ticket dropper with a chance for Expansion Permits.
    I don't know if it is confirmed this will be a guaranteed Trade Ticket dropper (just like Piggy Cottage and Bamboo Grove) but chances are high it will be.
    That are 2 excellent prizes.
    With the speed up time for the portal only being 2 Gems, I would seriously look at what it would cost you to finish.
    Good luck!
    OK, thanks, you convinced me! Woke up early (west coast USA) and now I only need 11 more larvae and have 11 hours, although I guess I need to reserve two hours for the last key craft. So every hour for a bit then see where I stand. I do have the time and gems and energy- but will need to tear my eyes away from the news today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverly View Post
    how can a player be maxed on trade tickets when there are expansion permits to be made for the explorers permits?
    Royal exchange bandwidth limitation doesnt allow you to utilize all trade tickets collected from your resources.

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    There is a cap of on trade tickets of 99. If you reach the cap on them, any collected from drops won't add to the 99. But you are right that you can make expansion permits (also cap of 99) in the exchange from the trade tickets. My bottleneck seems to be coins for expanding. I think the prizes for this event are good ones. Good luck everyone who is trying to finish.

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    Just making my last key, and wondering whether to make an ordinary portapillar (effectively a treeple) or the final one. The first page says that the last one drops bread and golden egg, which doesn't seem too tempting. Does it drop all golden items (rarely/randomly)?

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    It's been a very long time since I've had to spend gems to complete an event. This event was not enjoyable at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceglimmer View Post
    Just making my last key, and wondering whether to make an ordinary portapillar (effectively a treeple) or the final one. The first page says that the last one drops bread and golden egg, which doesn't seem too tempting. Does it drop all golden items (rarely/randomly)?
    I've collected a handful of times from the two bigger pillars and was underwhelmed with the drops. Mostly I'm getting seeds. I am liking the smallest purple Portalpillar. I'm receiving Treeple drops (fair amount of wooden beams, some plants in a log and patches of tall grass). However, if you are fond of the look of the bigger two, I would consider crafting them. The respawn on the small portarpillar is fast enough that I think you will accumulate the items it drops fairly quickly.

    And congrats on being right at the end about to finish the event!
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    Whew! Ive never finished an event with only seven hours to go. I had to use gems to speed up the portal to make one of the keys. Totally worth it imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbyrae View Post
    With less than 13 hours to go I have 3 more portal keys to make. This event was ridiculous in its expectations, really. I have plenty energy droppers, plenty energy and am always maxed out on trade tickets, no matter how fast I try to make expansion permits. These prizes are not worth me losing sleep over. And while I would buy the value pack to complete it, there is only one portal key per 9.99 value pack. I'm not spending $30 to get three keys. That is just ridiculous.
    For me the Oxa were dropping lost of Ore and the hold up was the drop from the Gigatus Portalpillar.
    If it?s the same with you, you could look at speeding up the Portal.
    It only costs 2 Gems each time, and the spawn is guarenteed. It will cost you much less than the cost of the Value Pack.
    Just keep in mind you have to craft the Key?s too.
    Good luck!

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    Worst event ever. It destroyed my sleep rhythm so that I can't sleep for longer than 2 hours in row - that happened because I had to set numerous timers to collect necessary items in the night as well.
    It almost destroyed my family life as the event needed enormous attention and time.
    The 3 piggy event and Panda event I couldn't complete, but then I at least realized that early enough. Into this event I invested so much time and efforts that it felt too pity to let it be unfinished. But what price I had to pay for that.
    I hope S8 will NEVER use this pattern for events anymore. Otherwise I must seriously consider deinstaliling the game from my device despite my CS game addiction. It's ridiculous if the event brings me to the border of divorce and destroys my health forcing me to start taking lots of pills post-event.

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    Um, Gameaddicted, I feel quite distressed for you. No game is worth that. Your family and health are definitely more important. What ever the next/future event will be, the reward won't be worth it/not as important as your family.

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