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    Thank you for the change. Now we have a chance!

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    Many thanks for making this quest achievable!Made my day!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fari85 View Post
    Does oxa still spawn the portal pillar gigantus? Collected all 3 and no spawn!
    I haven't had a spawn since this morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryiiann View Post
    I haven't had a spawn since this morning.
    They will spawn, but not very regularly.

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    I am so grateful for the Oxa timer change, thank you!!!! I was in disbelief this morning after I collected and raced to the forum to see if this was a glitch. Thank you S8

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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The change to the oxas is a HUGE relief.

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    Thank you so much Sgtbeebo for checking in with us and for the changes to the oxa drops and spawns.

    I'm surprised anyone finished the pig event. The panda one I thought wasn't too awful once the changes were added. In the future I would like to request to please not do this event again like how this one was originally rolled out. This was too much, not a reasonable challenge, and not enjoyable. And please I ask for some communication with us if we have bugs like the Android users had at the beginning. Will those players be able to catch up now I hope?

    Feedback on the things I wasn't fond of visually would be the different front and back feet on the cute perihelion hogs (don't like them on the flyger Cubs either), and that I'm not fond of Pavo's design (maybe because he looks like Stitch, and his four arms). And rotating the apotranus bloom gives an out of focus, blurry version of it. I really do like the artwork on the rest of the perihelion hogs, oxa, portalpillars, flora and especially the cave and portal (which I Really want to finish). I'm a fan of the glow too. The art work is the reason I kept going on the event, not the prizes.The colors are particularly appealing. Whomever you have who works with color theory, they are doing a marvelous job. So thank you very much to the art department.
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    Wow - I woke to my alarm in the middle of the night to tend to the Oxa. In the morning, I was surprised to see more ore than I had planned on - did I miscalculate? The Oxa were ready to go again and the drops had increased and the interval decreased. What a nice surprise! I was going to make it with the old settings, but I was going to have to hit every single Oxa opportunity to do so - phew! Now I just need to be able to do something with the coins I've collected since I made all three Portalpillars early on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melany77 View Post
    Thank you SgtBeebo and STORM8.
    But please don't ever make another event that's insanely demanding again.
    I agree! Random drops are not enjoyable in events. Endless chopping gets boring. I'm glad chopping was not needed for the keys.

    Thank you S8 for deciding to change the timer anD add a chance of more than one ore dropping. It should have been that way from the beginning. I'm guessing many players stopped working on the quest after working the math. I almost did but I didn't.
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    The Oxa change is such a relief. I'll be able to finish no problem now.

    I'm really wishing I hadn't wasted those gems to hurry the oxa for that extra collection each night. I'm sorry to those other players that spent a lot more.

    I also woke up last night and played like spirit wind and I'm glad I won't have to do that again.

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