A bit of a rude, but true title. At least for me.

Anyway. I only am playing this due to me getting a bonus of 2 extra gems from bakery story, and and extra gems overall with a plethora of other Storm8 games across the board.

But, the only reason why I rate this game, is that fact it has auto-spins.

I absolutely don't like or play games like this, due to my own reasons and opinions - and just what I prefer and what games I like in general, though to be fair, I only like decorating games, and obviously, this isn't one, but one thing I absolutely love about this particular game, is the fact there's a such thing as automated spins (if you choose to do that) though I absolutely would recommend you have your phone on the charger and you're doing something else (so your phone isn't dying) and while the automated spins are going.

Since I have to clean soon, I may have this going on in the background on my phone to reach level 10 while I am doing so (the cleaning) to get said free gems on other Storm8 games.

Don't take this as a serious thread, as it has nothing of particular note or worth, it was just a random post, but the automated spins are greatly appreciated, to me, if nothing else.

And since I don't play this game really, don't take for what I said seriously, even though I did mean it.