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Thread: Slots: Most of my games have been taken offline but are constantly downloading.

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    Slots: Most of my games have been taken offline but are constantly downloading.

    I had over 70+ machines until the spring..Gradually they started to disappear. I only get three and the rest are downloading but never completes. they have been downloading for months now. Ive played this game since 2012.Played almost every day. I'm on level 122 even tho they have me at 116. Some I got by trying out some of there other games. I actually have three Storm 8 games that I play..I have tried going to support and Facebook but no response. I would just like to know how I can get them back.. If I can't get them back tell me.If there's something I need to do tell me.

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    Can you check if you have sufficient available storage? If not, try deleting some things and see if that fixes the issue.
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    I am at level 189 and there were epic games all the way to level 200 that are now gone? All it says is coming soon but they were there the other day? What happened to them? And the collections are done? The new collection event starts on Mondays but nothing happened? Just wondering what is going on?

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    This is happening to me too , I?m still waiting for new event to download. I have other storm8 games I play and they download ok. Been playing since 2015

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    I have a similar problem as the author of the topic. Kim19119, have you found any solution to this problem?

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