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Thread: RS Matching Table/Chair Sets

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    RS Matching Table/Chair Sets

    - Info with Italics & Underlining = In-game typo
    - I copied the names exactly as they appear in my game because there are lots of names that are similar but not exactly the same. For instance, the Leaf Table and the Leafy Table are close enough in name that it could get confusing if I did anything other than straight copy their names.
    - For those few tables or chairs that do have an exactly duplicated name, I've added an A or B at the end of the names along with a one word description in parentheses to help differentiate them.
    - The oldest items that were in the original release (or released soon after) were a bit harder to be 100% sure on. In the end, I just paired those tables with chairs that physically matched it best.
    - Of those early items, there are a few tables that don't have definite matches (like the Checkered tables) but there are several chairs that could match them. Instead of listing every chair that might match, I just left them out and will add a separate section at the end for single items.
    - There are also a few tables that were released with two matching chairs, those will also be added at the end because they made the chart look odd.
    - Finally, there is one chair that has to be listed twice. This is because the Coral Reef Chair was originally a locked item obtained through a limited timed goal along with a matching table. It was later relisted in different limited time goal (again, as a locked item) along with an entirely new and different table.

    *Organized alphabetically according to Table name*
    *Paired according to release dates*

    *Last Updated: 2021 December 07*

    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    8 Ball Table Pool Cue Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Aboriginal Table Aboriginal Chair
    Alpine Table Alpine Chair
    Amore Table Amore Chair
    Anchor Table Cruise Deck Chair
    Apple Table School Chair
    Autumn Table Autumn Chair
    Autumnfest Table Autumnfest Seat
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Balloon Table Balloon Stool
    Bamboo Table Bamboo
    Banquet Table Banquet Chair
    Barbecue Table Smokey Seat
    Barcode Table Shopping Chair
    Barwood Table Barwood Bench
    Basketball Table Basketball
    Bean Table Bean Stool
    Belle Table Belle Chair
    Birthday Party Table Birthday Party Chair
    Bistro Table Bistro Chair
    Blooming Table Flower Seat
    Blossom Table Blossom Chair
    Blue Coast Table Blue Coast Stool
    Bombay Table Bombay Chair
    Bowling Table Bowling Chair
    Boxed Table Boxed Chair
    Bright and Fancy Table Bright and Fancy Seat
    Bright Brunch Table Brunch Bloom Seat
    Bubble Table Glass Chair B (mug)
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Cabasa Concertina
    Cabin Table Cabin Chair
    Camera Lens Camera Stool
    Camp Table Camp Stool
    Candle Table Sleigh Stool
    Candy Cane Candy Cane
    Candy Table Candy
    Carnival Table Carnival Chair
    Celebratory Table Celebratory Seat
    Charming Table Charming Chair
    Checker Table Rocking Chair
    Chevron Table Chevron
    Chimpy's Pizza Table Chimpy's Pizza Chair
    Chinese Chinese
    Chocolate Chocolate
    Chromed Table Diner Chair
    Cinnamon Spice Cinnamon Stick
    Classical Classical
    Clock Table Clock
    Cloud Table Cloud
    Colossus Table Colossus Stool
    Compass Table Royal Council Chair
    Conch Table White Adirondack
    Cone Table Sno Stool
    Constellation Table Beacon Seat
    Cool Table Cone Chair
    Cornucopia Table Cornucopia Chair
    Cozycloth Table Cozycloth Chair
    Cranberry Table Cranberry Cushion
    Crescent Moon Witch's Throne
    Cruise Table Cruise Chair
    Crystal Table Crystal Chair
    Cupid's Table Cupid's Chair
    Custom Table Painted Chair
    Cycle Table Cycle
    Cymbal Drum Stool
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Dad's Table Dad's Chair
    Date Night Date Night
    Decorative Table French Chair
    Deli Table Deli Chair
    Dine-In Table Customer Chairs
    Diner Table Diner
    Dining Car Table Dining Car Chair
    Dining Maple Feast Seat
    Dotted Wooden Table Patterned Wooden Chair
    Driftwood Table Driftwood Bench
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Egg Table Egg
    Elegant Accent Table Elegant Accent Chair
    Enchanting Table Sorceress' Seat
    Engine Table Flight Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Fairground Table Fairground Chair
    Fall Forest Table Fall Forest Chair
    Fall Leaves Table Autumn Wreath Chair
    Fast Food Table Booth Chair
    Feast Table Feast Chair
    Feastgoer Table Feastgoer Chair
    Festive Table Festive Chair
    Fiesta Table Fiesta Chair
    Film Reel Table Theater Seat
    Fine Table Fine Chair
    Fish Fountain Table Pool Noodle Chair
    Flamenco Table Flamenco Chair
    Fleur Table Fleur Seat
    Floral Skirt Table Leiseat
    Floral Table Green B (lime)
    Flower Power Furry
    Flower Table Flower Chair
    Football Table Football
    Free Talk Table Freedom of Seats
    French Table French Stool
    Frontier Table Frontier Chair
    Frosty Table Frosty Chair
    Frozen Lake Table Winter Jacket Chair
    Frozen Table Frozen Stool
    Full Moon Table Crescent Seat
    Futuristic Table Futuristic
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Garden Table Garden
    Ghost Table Ghost Chair
    Gingerbread Table Gingerbread Chair
    Gingham Table Picnic Chair
    Glass Table Glass Chair A (blue)
    Golden Table Golden Chair
    Goo-Stained Table Goo-Stained Chair
    Gothic Table Gothic
    Gran-Gran's Table Gran-Gran's Chair
    Gravestone Table Gravestone Chair
    Greek Flag Column Stool
    Greensleeve Table Winterwood Chair
    Grill Plate Table Cherry Wood Chair
    Grim Harvest Table Grim Harvest Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Half Lemon Lemon Barrel
    Handmade Table Handmade Stool
    Haunted Table Haunted Chair
    Hawaiian Table Coconut
    Hay Bale Acorn Stool
    Haystack Table Haystack Stool
    Heart Anchor Love Boat Chair
    Helm Table Coral Reef Chair (relisted)
    Herbalist Table Saffron Stool
    High Gothic Table High Gothic Seat
    Holiday Home Table Holiday Home Chair
    Holiday Lights Table Holiday Lights Chair
    Holly Table Holly Chair
    Honey Comb Table Honey Pot Stool
    Hot Air Balloon Table Basket Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Ice Table Ice Chair
    Icicle Table Snowy Chair
    Icy Table Icy Stool
    Irish Table Irish Chair
    Iron Bistro Table Iron Bistro Chair
    Italian Checkered Red Stool
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Jasmine Table Jasmine Chair
    Juicy Apple Rustic Apple
    July Table Woven Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Kids Table Kids Chair
    Krona Table Krona Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Lab Table X Lab Chair X
    Lab Table Y Lab Chair Y
    Lace Table Lace Chair
    Lantern Table Lantern
    Late Fall Table Harvest Chair
    Lawn Table Lawn Chair
    Leaf Table Leaf Chair
    Leafy Table Leafy Chair
    Lily Pad Table Prince's Chair
    Log Table Log Chair
    Lounge Table Lounge
    Love Light Table Ruby Red Chair
    Love Table Love Chair
    Lunch Table Snack Seat
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Mahogany Table Mahogany
    Marble Table A (pink) Pink
    Marble Table B (green) Green A (dark)
    Mardi Gras Table Mardi Gras Chair
    Marine Table Marine Chair
    Mason Jar Table Mason Jar Chair
    Meditation Table Meditation Chair
    Memorial Table Memorial Chair
    Modern Asian Table Modern Asian
    Modern Bistro Table Modern Bistro Chair
    Modern Steel Modern Steel
    Modern Table Modern Chair
    Monster Table Monster Chair
    Mosaic Table Red
    Mushroom Table A (red) Mushroom Stool
    Mushroom Table B (blue) Mushroom Chair
    Musical Table Musical Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Nature's Dream Table Nature's Dream Chair
    Navigational Table Naval Seat
    New Table New Chair
    New Year Table New Year Chair
    North Pole Table North Pole Chair
    Nothin' But Net Table Courtside Seat
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Off the Vine Table Off the Vine Chair
    Orange Table Orange
    Orange Web Table Spooky Seat
    Organic Organic Stool
    Oriental Table Oriental
    Origami Table Origami Chair
    Ornament Ball Ornament Ball
    Ornament Table Ornament
    Ornamental Table Ornamental Chair
    Outdoor Table Summery Seat
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Palapa Table Palapa
    Pancake House Table Pancake House Chair
    Panini Cafe Table Panini Cafe Chair
    Pastel Table Pastel Chair
    Patio Table A (white) Patio Chair
    Patio Table B (blue) Charcoal Patio Chair
    Pear Table Pear Chair
    Pencil Table Pencil Chair
    Phosphorescent Table Luminescent Chair
    Picnic Table Wicker Wood Chair
    Pine Table Pine
    Ping Pong Table Paddle
    Pirate Table Pirate Chair
    Pizza Mosaic Pizzeria Stool
    Pizzaria Table Pizzaria Seat
    Pizzeria Table Pizzeria Chair
    Plastic Table Plastic Chair
    Polka-Fun Springy Chair
    Presidential Table Presidential Chair
    Pretty Pink Table Pretty Pink Chair
    Prosperous Table Successful Chair
    Providence Place Augusta Armchair
    Pub Table Pub Stool
    Pumpkin Spice Table Pumpkin Spice Chair
    Pumpkin Table Pumpkin Stool
    Pyramid Table Pharaoh Throne
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Question Table Question Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Race Checker Table Drivers Seat
    Railroad Table Caboose Stool
    Rainbow Table Rainbow
    Rainy Day Table Cozy Chair
    Rainy Deck Table Rainy Deck Chair
    Rap on a Table Resting Place
    Ready Table Sandwich Seat
    Reclaimed Wood Table Reclaimed Wood Chair
    Red Foliage Red Foliage
    Red Heart Table Red Heart
    Reel Table Handy Chair
    Reindeer Table Sleigh Chair
    Renaissance Table Renaissance
    Resort Table Resort
    Riverboat Riverboat Stool
    Rocket Table Rocket Stool
    Rocking Heart Table Lovely Seat
    Romantic Dinner Table Romantic Dinner Chair
    Romantic Table Romantic Chair
    Rose Table Rose
    Round Table B (******d) Black
    Runic Table Seat of the Yaarl
    Rustic Country Table Milking Stool
    Rustic French Table Rustic French Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Sand Dollar Table Sand Dollar
    Sandy Table Ironwood Chair
    Santa Table Santa Chair
    Sapphire Table Sapphire Stool
    School Table Dorm Chair
    Sea Turtle Table Coral Reef Chair
    Shamrock Table Shamrock
    Shark Table Shark Chair
    Shell Table A (sea) Shell Chair A (sea)
    Shell Table B (egg) Shell Chair B (egg)
    Shiny Table Shiny Seat
    Ship in a Bottle Table Orca Chair
    Shore Table Pier Stool
    Shrine Table Shrine Chair
    Skeleton Hand Table Mummy Chair
    Ski Fur
    Sleek Table Sleek Chair
    Sleigh Table Santa Stool
    Snowdraped Table Winter Seat
    Snowflake Table Snowflake
    Snowman Table Snowman Chair
    Snowy Table Snow Chair
    Soccer Ball Table Goalie Net Chair
    Sol Tables Cabo Cactus Chair
    Spider Table Spiderweb Chair
    Spiderweb Table Cobweb Chair
    Spring Bloom Table Spring Bloom Chair
    Spring Flower Floral Rattan
    Spring Lace Table Spring Flower Chair
    Spring Patio Table Spring Patio Chair
    Spring Table Spring Chair
    St. Patable Shamrock Seat
    Stage Table Amplifier Seat
    Star Table Spaceage Chair
    Starry Starry
    Steampunk Table Steampunk Chair
    Stone Home Table Friar's Seat
    Stone Table Stone Chair
    Straw Table Straw Seat
    Strolling City Table Golden Bridge Chair
    Sturdy Table Cabin Seat
    Summer Moon Solstice Stool
    Summer Tree Table Summer Days Chair
    Sun Table Sun
    Sunshine Table Sunshine Seat
    Surfboard Table Surfboard Chair
    Svanga Table Roska Chair
    Sweetheart Table Sweetheart Stool
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Tangerine Tangerine
    Tennis Table Tennis
    Terrible Table Sorcerer Chair
    Thankful Table Thankful Chair
    Theater Table Theater Chair
    Tie Dye Table Tie Dye Chair
    Tiered Table Kitchen Chair
    Toadstool Table Toadstool
    Toboggan Table Ski Lift Chair
    Tombstone Table Tombstone Chair
    Topiary Table Topiary Chair
    Touch Screen Table Sleek
    Tree Table Tree Stump Stool
    Triumph Table Triumph Chair
    Turn Table Movie Seat
    Twinkle Table Twinkle Chair
    Twirling Table Twirling Chair
    Twisted Twisted
    Twisted Bacon Bacon Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Umbrella Rainy
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Valentine's Table Lovely Heart Chair
    Vampire Bat Table Vampire Bat Chair
    Veggie Table Verdant Seat
    VIP Table Refine Seat
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Wagon Wheel Table Saddle Stool
    Watermelon Table Hay Bale Stool
    Wave Table Clam
    Web Woven Table Web Woven Seat
    Weirdwood Table Grand Master Stool
    White Table White
    Wicked Table Wicked Chair
    Wicker Table Wicker Chair
    Winter City Table Winter City Chair
    Winter Table Winter Chair
    Wooden Table Wooden
    Workshop Table Workshop Stool
    World Map Table World Map
    Worn Table Worn Chair
    Wreath Table Merry Chair
    Wrought Iron Table Wrought Iron Chair
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    n/a n/a
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    n/a n/a
    Spoiler: show
    Table: Chair:
    Zen Table Zen Chair
    Spoiler: show
    *Items with more than one definitive match*

    Table: Chair 1: Chair 2:
    Red Retro Table Red Retro Hood Red Retro Trunk
    Teal Retro Table Teal Retro Hood Teal Retro Trunk
    Yellow Retro Table Yellow Retro Hood Yellow Retro Trunk
    Spoiler: show
    *Items with no known or definitive match*

    Host Tables:
    Brown Host Table
    Cash Register
    Gray Host Table
    Heart Host Table
    Navigator Host Table
    Resort Host Table
    Pine Host Table
    Starfish Host Table
    White Host Table
    Checkered Table A (pink)
    Checkered Table B (blue)
    Glass Top Table
    Ornate Table
    Pink Table
    Red Table
    Round Table A (white)
    Sunflower Table
    Silver Chiavari Chair
    Vamp Throne
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    Can anyone update this or just the creator?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pvilla98 View Post
    Can anyone update this or just the creator?
    Only the creator can update the initial post but anyone is free to help the community by continuing the list either here or in their own thread.

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    I’ve updated some along with the counters I think go with it, but I have no idea what is correct or not.

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    If anyone wants to take over this info thread: please, feel free to copy my original post as a template for the new, updated list you'd like to create.

    I am unable to play RS any longer due to the goal relocking bug so I am no longer keeping up with the RS releases. The bug thread doesn't have any info or updates on the bug so it seems my departure from the game is indefinite, sadly.

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