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Thread: Can't move floor decoration in design mode

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    Bakery Story is clearly not important to Team Lava/Storm as any ticket I send re issues is automatically closed
    Absolutely pathetic! No wonder so many neighbours have stopped playing or decide not to participate in goals
    It’s a shame loyal players are disregarded in this way

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Please get out of my bakery! Why have they not fixed this?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by networth2 View Post
    The ornamental shopping floor decoration is stuck in place with a part of it out on the grass. Won?t move in design mode. Cannot store it. Cannot place items over it. Not sure what to do. I?ve restarted device several times does nothing.
    I have the exactly the same ornament that won't move and it is so disappointing that I can't remove it off my bakery! If anyone could tell me how to remove it I would appreciate it! It lights up at the world time.

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    Ornamental Shopping in Bakery Story

    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritWind00 View Post
    I'm checking on this for you all again... sorry it's not resolved as yet. Hopefully there will be news soon.
    Hi SpiritWind,

    We are now going on 3 months since this has been an issue with no resolution. And no one can get any assistance from Team Lava. I have tried what other people have recommended, but to no avail on my device. Is this just a glitch in the game that we are supposed to live with? Thanks for your assistance! It really is appreciated!

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    We are now in the month of May and I don?t see a solution yet to this problem. Did I miss something? I would like to get the Ornamental Shopping out of my bakery as it does not fit in with my current holiday decor.

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    I've followed up on this again for you....

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