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    Arctic Isles

    Welcome to the Arctic Isles, Caretakers! The expansion update is live: a new island, dozens of exclusive dragons, new features, quests, and one enormous dragon to awaken from his icy slumber! Update now and check out my overview of all the new features!

    1. Unlocking the Arctic Isles, and the Arctic Airship

    Players levels 35 and higher can unlock the Arctic Isles by breeding an Ice Age Dragon! Once the breeding has finished, you'll be prompted by Freza (a new character!) to jump aboard the Arctic Airship to take the frozen egg to the new world for incubation! Breeding an Ice Age dragon isn't too tough, just combine a purple colored dragon with a Winter Dragon and see what happens!

    The Arctic Airship is your ticket back and forth between the Dragon Isles and the Arctic Isles. Once you've unlocked the new world, you can always click on the airship and travel from one world to the next!

    2. Glacius, the Ancient

    Frozen atop the Arctic Isles, Glacius the Ancient awaits Caretakers who have proven their worth in this cold and magical new world. Collect 9 unique dragons from the Arctic Isles and evolve them to level 10 to awaken him!

    Collecting the dragons and earning Glacius the Ancient works just like an award in the Album. You can track your progress by clicking on Glacius, and once you've completed the objective simply click "Awaken" and watch him burst free from the ice!

    Glacius doesn't produce coins, you don't have to feed or evolve him, and he can't breed or be traded. He is the ultimate achievement in Dragon Story!

    Glacius, the Ancient! (awoken from an icy slumber)

    3. New Dragon Types

    There are three new dragon types in the Arctic Island: Ice Age Dragons, Blizzard Dragons, and Abominable Dragons. We are releasing three dragons in each type at the launch of the Arctic Isles expansion, but more dragons are coming to join their friends in each of the new habitats.

    Abominable, Blizzard, and Ice Age Banners

    Unlike dragons from the Dragon Isle's, Arctic Isle dragons produce special parts instead of coins. Each type produces a unique part, and these parts are essential to Caretaker success in the new world. These parts can be crafted into the egg-warming Mystic Flames!

    Ancient Oil, Flammable Fur, and Dragon Wind. Produced by Ice Age, Abominable, and Blizzard type dragons, respectively.

    4. Mystic Flames and the Frozen Nest

    In this cold world, dragon eggs need extra warmth to incubate before they can be hatched. Instead of just waiting for a timer to run down, players can now manually warm frozen eggs with Mystic Flames to hatch them much faster than ever before.

    Since eggs are bred frozen in the Arctic Isles, you won't see which dragon egg you've bred until you've warmed it most of the way to hatching, but you'll see a little baby peek out along the way!

    Mystic Flames is a new currency that can be crafted at a new building called the Fire Mill. This building works just like the Dragon Isle's Spell Shop; you collect parts and combine them together to make something new.

    Like growing food, crafting Mystic Fire can be done in small, fast, cheap batches, or larger, slower, more expensive batches. Parts produced by Ice Age dragons, which are called Ancient Oil, are the easiest to obtain and are thus required for the easiest Mystic Fire recipes. Since Abominable type dragons require Ice Age dragons to discover, their parts, Flammable Fur, are harder to come by, and are required in the more efficient recipes for crafting Mystic Flames.

    5. Silos

    We've introduced 2 storage-like silo buildings with the Arctic Isles: the Fire Crucible and the Silo. The Fire Crucible stores your collection of Mystic Flames, while the Silo stores the ingredients you collect from your new dragons. Each of these buildings has a maximum capacity that can be raised by upgrading the building. You can check in the Silo to see how many of each part you've collected so far!

    The Fire Crucible

    6. Breeding

    While it's too cold here for dragons from your original island to be comfortable, they can fly over for a quick stop in the Breeding Den. A few of the dragons in the Arctic Isles require a color from the original island to be bred. Dragons from those islands appear in one of the columns when you're selecting dragons to breed. As soon as breeding is finished however, dragons will return to their habitats on their home islands.

    7. Frozen Food

    Arctic Isle dragons eat Arctic Isle food, and you can grow it in the Frozen Farm and Large Frozen Farm. Feed your chilly dragons Abominapples and Spicicles and watch them grow! Your food total displayed on the top of your screen will only display food from the island you're currently viewing. Coins and Gold work across all your islands though, so those numbers will always be the same!

    Let us know if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy your time in the Arctic Isles! And to give you an idea of just how big Glacius is... here he is slumbering next to my level 10 Ice Age Dragon:

    Glacius is waiting for YOU!

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    Battle Arena

    Battle your dragons and win exclusive prizes!

    • The Battle Arena!
    • Players levels 30+ can enter the Battle Arena and select a dragon to compete against the displayed opponent.
    • Several factors determine the strength of your dragon, including level, rarity, colors, and opponent's colors. I'll leave it up to you to determine which color combinations are strongest against which!
    • During a Dragon Battle, players can select from 3 attacks each turn. The battle is turn-based, meaning your opponent will only attack after you do. Every dragon has a magic attack corresponding to their primary element (each with a unique particle effect!), a bash attack, and the Ultimate Attack.

      Dragon Battle!
    • The Magic and Bash attacks are your primary weapons. The Ultimate Attack costs gold and does massive damage. This is for players who want to pay to assure victory.
    • Losing a match will Exhaust your dragon. Exhausted Dragons can be healed with the new Healing Spring Building available in the Market. While exhausted, dragons cannot participate in breeding, trading, evolving, questing, or battling. They will still produce coins, however.

      The Healing Spring
    • Winning a match awards you with a reward or multiple rewards depending on the event going on currently in the Game! You can read more about events in the Event Guide! Usually, you will get a craft part to the monthly Battle Arena dragon.

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    Adventure Leagues
    The new Adventure Leagues can be accessed through the new Adventure League building found on the cliff near the starting location, or through the new HUD button. Adventure League events will be reoccurring, so you'll almost always be able to partake in the fun! The more points you win, the higher the League you'll be placed in. Adventure Leagues have brand new prizes like SPEED BOOSTS for your Farms, Breeding Dens, and Evolution Temple. There are also the new ADVENTURE TICKETS that you can trade in for fantastic new prizes, such as the new GOLD producing, Gold Horizon Dragon!

    Bingo Challenges
    Each board has 16 challenges to pick from. You select one challenge at a time to complete. Come back to collect your Adventure Points once you've finished the challenge. Finishing 4 challenges in a line will earn you a BINGO! Bingos award you a lot of points and give you a new set of 16 challenges. If you're clever, you can line up two, or THREE lines in a row for a double or TRIPLE BINGO!

    If there's a challenge on your board that you'd like to change, you can start the challenge and then tap the "x" button next to the timer to cancel it. After a period of time, a new challenge will appear in it's place!

    Adventure Points
    Each time you complete a challenge or successfully get a Bingo, you will be awarded Adventure Points. Challenges are worth different amounts of Adventure Points, so keep your eye out for the big payouts! Adventure Points will help increase your ranking each event. The higher you rank, the better prizes you receive, and the changes of you being promoted to a higher league!

    The Adventure Leagues consist of five leagues: Timber, Stone, Bronze, Silver, and Gold leagues. At the end of each event, you have the oppertunity to be promoted to the next league depending on your ranking. As you rise in league, you'll have access to bigger and better prizes!

    Boost Prizes
    The Adventure Leagues have introduced the new Boosts! Boosts can be collected and used to speed up the timers on Dens, Farms, Evolutions, and Nests! Each Boost has three different speed increases: a 2x speed boost, 5x speed boost, and a 10x speed boost! You can activate a boost by selecting the building and a new HUD button will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can select which boost you would like to apply. Boosts apply to ALL your buildings of that type! So if you have 7 farms, and use a Farm Boost, it will work for all 7 farms!

    Adventure Tickets
    Adventure Tickets are one of the most exciting new prizes that the Adventures Leagues have to offer! These valuable tickets can be used in the new Ticket Temple building found in the market. Adventure Tickets can be traded in the Ticket Temple for new and exclusive prizes, such as a GOLD producing dragon!

    Ticket Temple
    The Ticket Temple can be purchased in the Market for coins. Earn Adventure Tickets to trade in for your favorite new prizes!

    The Adventure Leagues are a fun new way to play your same favorite game, just now with more prizes!

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    Boosts can be collected and used to speed up the timers on Dens, Farms, Evolutions, and Nests! Each Boost has three different speed increases: a 2x speed boost, 5x speed boost, and a 10x speed boost! You can activate a boost by selecting the building and a new HUD button will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can select which boost you would like to apply. Boosts apply to ALL your buildings of that type! So if you have 7 farms, and use a Farm Boost, it will work for all 7 farms!

    You can win boosts from the Bingo feature.

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    Dragon Codex / Dragon Trading

    The Dragon Codex is an excellent way to keep track of your dragon collection! Use it to see what dragons you have and which you want to obtain next. By using a dragon's Essence, you can craft nearly any dragon available in the game!

    Almost every dragon can be found and created with enough Essence from the Codex!

    Essence: To attract the new dragons you're looking to collect to your Island you'll need some Essence. When a caretaker and dragon develop a bond, the Essence of that love stays behind even if the dragon leaves to see other parts of the world and help other caretakers with their islands. New dragons will be attracted to the amount of Essence left behind and want to join you on your Island.

    To part ways with a dragon a caretaker will head over to the Dragon Portal and send them off onto their own adventure. The dragon will leave the caretaker and Island but leave behind some Essence. You can then go to the Codex, select a new dragon, and if you have enough Essence, craft it!

    You can go to the Dragon Codex by clicking on the Main Menu and then on "Codex." Click on a dragon to see more information on it and to see if you can either buy it with gold or craft it with Essence.

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    You are not alone on the islands. The wise Dragon Mother and her assistants Rex, Anona, and Klaus are there to help. The scroll on the screen has goals for the islands that they needs help with. By completing goals, you will earn rewards. These rewards can be Gold, coins, experience, and new decorations!

    When you tap the scroll, there will be a list of all your current goals. New goals will appear as you level up or complete previous goals. The rewards can be seen on the right side. Tapping a goal shows you all the things you need to do to complete that goal. There can be up to 3 tasks. Some goals are multi-part. To get the item reward, you must complete all parts of that goal and fill the entire line leading up to the prize.

    There is often a button by a task that will take you to the right place to complete it. Next to that, you may see a "Skip" button. If you'd rather not do the task, but still want the prize, you can press Skip and use gems to mark the task completed without having to do it.

    Permanent Goals

    Permanent Goals are goals that are part of the game storyline. These will appear as you level up and continue to grow your island. They are permanent, so you have no time limit to complete them!

    Limited Time Goals

    Some events may have limited time goals. You can see how long you have to complete them in the main goals page. After the timer expires, there will be no way to complete these.
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    At level 45, your Evolution Temple will start dropping Bombs that you can use to mine for dragon crafting parts. At level 80, your Breeding Den will start dropping Dynamite that you can use to mine for Island Blocks to expand your Isles.

    To mine for crafting parts, tap the mine and then the 'Mine for Dragons' side. If you don't have Bombs from your Evolution Temple, you will be able to use Gold to get more. Once you're inside the mine, tap the rock wall to look for parts. Each tap will tell you how close you are to finding something: Very Near, Near, or Too Far. Keep tapping and find as many parts as you can before you run out of moves. The first two times you run out of moves, you can use another Bomb to refill your moves and keep mining. Once you've found enough parts, you can craft an exclusive dragon. The dragon you can mine for and part you need will change every event! Check the Dragon Story: Discussions forum thread on the monthly event for more information on the current Dragon Mining event.

    To mine for Island Blocks, tap the mine and enter the Mine for Land side. If you don't have Dynamite from your Breeding Den, you will be able to use Gold to get more. The game works in the same way, but the parts you find can be used to expand to new Isles. You can expand by building your new island once you have enough parts. The first square of the new island is just outside the entrance of the Mine.

    Discussion Thread (General mining discussion):
    Discussion Thread (Land Mining):

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    Promotional Features

    There are several promotional features in Dragon Story! *Please note these features may not be available to all players at all times and may be removed at any time*

    Video Ads

    You can watch videos to get a free gift (Click on the video icon on the left hand side) or to speed up the Battle Arena wait time. You will only get a limited amount of videos per day, if any. Here is an example of what you may get:

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    Free Gold Offerwall

    Some players may be able to get Gold from doing tasks in the offer wall by clicking on the button that says "Free Gems."

    Storm8 Game Goals

    You may be able to get extra gold or rewards by downloading and playing other Storm8 games! Check the goals menu on the top to see which games you can get rewards from playing.
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    Quest Outpost

    • The Quest Outpost
    • Players levels 11+ can head into the Quest Outpost for a list of available Dragon Quests. Each quest requires a specific dragon and offers a chance at a specific reward.

      Dragon Quest: Mapping the Island
    • Select a dragon of the required species and send it on its way! The dragon will return after the allotted time with treasure from its journey!
    • You'll always get a reward from the Dragon Quest, but each quest offers a specific rare reward. For example, if you send an Island Dragon on the quest "Mapping The Island", you have a chance at finding a Mystic Map, but you might find Food or Coins a few times instead, before you get the reward displayed on the Dragon Quest.

    Pretty easy, right? Get the dragon required for a quest, send it out into the world, then it comes back with treasure--hopefully the treasure you were seeking!


    What level does a dragon have to be in order to go on Dragon Quests?
    Dragons of any level can go on dragon quests so long as they are the right species for the quest. Each Dragon Quest requires a different dragon.

    Do I have to expand to the Quest Outpost in order to go on Dragon Quests?
    Nope! You do not have to expand to the Quest Outpost in order to access it. You might want to anyway though, to surround it with hedges and flowers of all colors, in celebration of your dragon's accomplishments.[/QUOTE]
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