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Thread: SALE: Black Friday Sale 2020 (Fashion Story)

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    SALE: Black Friday Sale 2020 (Fashion Story)

    Black Friday Sale 2020

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    Items for Sale:

    • Thin Holly

    Wall Decor

    • Tinsel
    • Snowflake Wall Lamp

    Floor Decor

    • Sweet Angel Clips
    • Holiday Sale Sign
    • Nutcracker Display
    • Bouquet Display
    • Bouquet Toss
    • Garnet Gawn
    • 50 Shades of Red
    • Dreidel
    • Menorah
    • Fly Away Balloon
    • Mirror and Comb Set
    • Vintage Birdcage
    • Chocolate Couture
    • Abstract Tree
    • Bearded Nutcracker
    • Rainy Girl
    • Rainy Display
    • Diamond Display
    • Diamond Center
    • Winter Art
    • Winter Display
    • Winter Wonderland
    • Snowflake Mirror
    • Ice Couch
    • Ice Eiffel
    • Le Eiffel Tower
    • Le Bulldog
    • Holiday Tree
    • Men's Shirt Display
    • French Bulldog
    • Wire Sleigh
    • Fairytale Love
    • Elegant Tree
    • Chic Snowman
    • Autumn Dancer
    • Ice Organ
    • Glitz Toast
    • Winter Waterfall
    • Cherry Blossom Vanity
    • Cherry Blossom Couch
    • Blush Bicycle


    • Gift


    • Seamstress
    • Paris Chest
    • Gym Bag Chest
    • Haunted Chest
    • Autumn Chest
    • Holiday Chest
    • Heart Chest
    • Eclectic Chest
    • Egg Chest
    • Victorian Chest
    • Cowgirl Box
    • Supply Cube
    • Halloween Chest
    • Secret Bag
    • Holiday Gift
    • Bundle Up
    • Valentine Chest
    • Fairy Tale Chest
    • Spring Chest
    • New York Chest
    • A Cut Above the Restt
    • Summer Chest
    • In Bloom Chest
    • Easter Basket Chest
    • Cruise Chest
    • Radiant Orchid Chest
    • Lipstick Case
    • Hippie Case
    • Plaid Package
    • Camping Pack
    • White Suitcases
    • Magic Box
    • Surprise Box
    • Groovy Delivery
    • Faux Fur Box
    • Formal Chest
    • Japanese Chest
    • Luau Chest
    • Picnic Rose
    • Fall Chest
    • Spooky Chest
    • Fall Notsalgia
    • Snowy Chest
    • True Love Chest

    Expansions are also on sale!
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    No Mall Santa, disappointing once again.

    Suggestions To Improve Game Experience HERE

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    Thank you Storm8!!! I am so excited that Fashion Story actually got a Black Friday Sale (doing happy dance)! Obviously, since everything was not released in the sale, there are several items I would have bought in a heartbeat that weren't included. That being said, I think the sale is EXTREMELY GENEROUS. I am loving the deep discounts on the Closet clothing for the avatar...there are even old holiday outfits that were brought back!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I understand this is not a game that receives routine updates/sales but ANY are extremely appreciated. Even if it is just periodically rereleasing old content (goals/catalogs, etc.), I would be over the moon! I am so hopeful that there will also be a Christmas sale and that the following catalogs (which I have mentioned on another thread) will be brought back to stock our store racks with for the holiday season: Santa's Helper (green) released 12/9/2011, Ms. Kringle released 12/16/2011, Retro Christmas released 12/10/2013, Santa's Helper (red) released 12/17/2013 and Playful Christmas released 12/23/2013.

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    Im happy there was a black friday sale. Hoping to see the Mall Santa display like everyones been wanting. Thank FS for giving us a lot of options for avatar clothing and discontinued boxes that were discounted.

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    I did not know there was a sale on avatar clothing! ������

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