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Thread: SALE: Black Friday Sale 2020 (Dragon Story)

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    Quote Originally Posted by greywagtail View Post
    I would save it for something else. The main use of the stable is when you have no space left to put a habitat on the islands. As you are new to the game, you will have plenty of spaces to expand into. It is worth keeping back gold in case you get stuck on a dragon in a tournament.

    Have you got neighbours that are giving you gold? My recommendation is to save up for a gold producing dragon. It will take a long time but once you have one, then the next one is easier to get and so on.
    Yes, I have! I had been saving for this BF to get the nest and stable but then I was doubt on what else to get and if it was worth doing it now. Thank you for your feedback. I will save them for the GPDs. I am trying to get the one from the ticket temples, but that will probably take me a few months, at least, since I can never make first or second on the Bingo's League to get that 50 tickets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortdanzr View Post
    the next to buy i would choose is another evo temple
    Do they go on sale quite often? I don't have enough to buy one right now ):

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    Quote Originally Posted by claupcosta View Post
    Do they go on sale quite often? I don't have enough to buy one right now ):
    There are at least 3 sales a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stonecast1935 View Post
    Oh maybe I was wrong. Thanks so much for looking that up!
    I wanted that set as well so I did a little digging at the start of the sale....

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    After getting the habitats I wanted, I decided to buy the Corona dragon. It was on my (long) list of missing Dragons AND can not be crafted through the Codex

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    We always have a huge sale of dragons and habitats up to 90% off. What is lacking though is habitat upgrade sales!

    All of us have bought plenty of habitats that could use upgrading over the years, however the upgrade cost is higher than the cost of a new habitat on sale.

    This christmas, we should be getting a huuuge habitat upgrade sale (80%)! I think many players would welcome this sale!

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