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Thread: Castle Story 11/19: Whipped Into Shape | event information on page 1

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    Wow. I am done playing castle story. I accidentally wasted over 100 gems while doing the free 10 minutes of energy. This is so stupid! I am filing for a refund and never playing this stupid game again! Storm 8 doesn?t bother to make this game better for others, why is it that only during special events we get asked if we?re sure we want to use certain materials. And when we?re about to spend gems it does nothing?! This game is ridiculous and they haven?t done anything to make it better! I AM DONE!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hagypagy View Post
    Congrats gridgirl!!

    On a separate note...
    No Jaydon despite sending Baron?s Feasts crafts all week.
    And my last craft disappeared post-event.
    Ah well, no berry boy for me.
    Drop rate was definitely waaaay too low.
    Same! I really wanted a "berry boy" (haha!) and spent all my remaining time doing baron Feast crafts. I too came up short AND lost my last craft because I didn't collect before the event ended

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    Please can you remove the watering can from the fae kitchen. It is beautiful and I want to keep it out but it doesn’t drop anything and the can spoils the look.

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