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Thread: Castle Story 11/19: Whipped Into Shape | event information on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    I really like these type of events that have so much going on and that offer so many different prizes. That said, I do think if they were planning to drop this event during such a hectic time that they (a US company) should have taken that into consideration.

    Between my work and family stuff this week I'll have enough outside influence stalling my goal progress so the abysmal drop/spawn rates only make me want to play less; it doesn't make me want to spend on VPs or use my gems to speed things up. Doubt I'm the only player that feels this way so it seems like very poor planning on s8's part to me.
    It is beyond bad planning.. its bad programming.. this event is a disaster its horrible and we deserve an apology...

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    I am really enjoying this event, it is a nice pace and the game style is different.
    I am about half way there to get my first Chef Pet and am going for the Troll Chef first and depending on drops will try for the Gnome Chef.
    I got a beautiful Cranberry Arch and the most adorable Jaden who bounces and has a cute green onesie from the Magic Cauldron Adventure.
    Thank you S8 for the variety and amazing prizes.
    Queendom Name - Hyrule

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    In Goal 15, it takes 140 hits to defeat Sweet Tooth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShibuyaCloth View Post
    Ivy's Hut is the bottleneck! Getting enough hats for the Chefs is not taken into account!
    I don’t know, ShibuyaCloth. It seems that the Fae Kitchen is also a bottleneck.

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    This event is an energy killer. I am getting drained every day with these farmhouse and crop chopping to get the Troll Chiefs and Gnome Chiefs we need, mainly because of all the dire boars, fangbeasts and skunkupines I'm getting along the way. I go back to work tomorrow and there's no way I can keep this up. I love that this event has a different format than the last few, but it needs to be achievable for people that can't play all day every day. I don't think this one is.

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    This event is just depressing . Needs way too much energy, and I can’t get the dang kitchen drops!

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    All events in castle story are designed to be energy consuming and have bottle necks or else ppl will finish the events in 4 days and complain to have no play for next ten days. In the very early days I remember ivys bottle neck was designed that we could only miss one or max two. But now they give quite a lot of buffer area.

    I would just like them to simply increase the energy cap to 60 or reduce energy generated time to maybe 1 minute. And make the prices guaranteed instead of random lucky chances.

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    A few minor changes and this event would be more enjoyable.
    Maybe if the troll chefs spawned from the cranberry bushes instead of plots
    and if the gnome chefs spawned more easily from the farmhouses - no collecting from 20 farmhouses with no spawn or a fangbeast instead

    And I don't know if some players want all events to be stressful to them just so that a few other players don't get bored.
    I do a lot of events and I get great prizes sometimes, like last events Monsieur Wolf, or the Ancient Turtle, etc
    I don't like that most of the time there is an energy intensive event going on and I can't spare the energy to collect from the
    prizes that I spent so much time and stress and energy on. Give us time to enjoy what we earned sometimes.
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    Fari85, I agree! The energy definitely should either be raised or at least dropped to 1 new energy a minute instead of 3 minutes.

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    Is the Glimmer Cinnamon a rare drop from the Chef Gnomes? I am not getting any cinnamon from them.

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