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Thread: ❄️ Post Your Holiday Wish Lists Here! ❄️

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    I would like new items to appear at the beginning, rather than so far down when searching.

    Also when using discontinued items, I would like to be able to display the item without having to go back thru the list of items again to get a 2nd one.

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    I would like to have back some classic CHRISTMAS items. There were times when I couldn't play the goals, because I was too busy. So it would be great to see for example the Titan Tannenbaum or some old tables and chairs which are not avaiable at the moment. If its possible, it would be great to purchase more items with coins not with gems.

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    Would love too see all the recipes in the Candy Cane Maker unlocked! I havent had the opportunity to complete the goal years ago so 3 recipes are locked for me. Tiles and Wallpapers sale would be great (those that cost gems, maybe halve the prize), the Holiday Table, Minty Tree, Mrs Claus,Reindeer mailbox, holiday counters would be awesome to see back in the sale
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    Thank you for the thread!

    - Lollipop center

    - Mahjong table

    - Fireworks display

    - Birthday presents (Birthday Box, I hate clowns & already have 1 trying for this item)

    - Mint Tree (Candy Box)

    - All items from the Holiday Box for individual purchases

    - Winterland, cookie snowmen (Winter Gift)

    - Santa's hat cake (Christmas Present 2012)

    - North Pole Express

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    Please do goals with frappe fountain and coffee machine or make it possible to purchase locked appliances

    Please provide an opportunity to pay with coins or gems to open locked recipes on machine that we own

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    Could we have Malefic Manor and the North Pole Express please? I can't think of anything else but I may be back.
    Not accepting new neighbours in bakery story at the moment. Thank you.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Gem dispenser

    Cupid corner booth

    Elf bake shop and Reindeer Mailbox

    Royal booth

    Christmas foods

    Duck Fountain

    Classic Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations

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    I w love to be able to have almost like a swap meet where u could trade diamonds or actually trade like ovens ..i have been wanting to buy the sheep (easter) oven forever..i have been playing this game over 18 years,,,plz hear us (older) girls and guys out!!
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    Elf bake shop

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    Yes Gem dispenser please

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