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Thread: ❄️ Post Your Holiday Wish Lists Here! ❄️

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    You don't get everything from your wish list, so it's better to dump everything on.

    Off the top of my head〜TITAN TANNENBAUM! Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	57507 Yeah, yeah, I know it's a final goal prize from like 2016, so it's still in-the-middle-recent-ish and if they were to release a goal item, it should be something older like, say, Winter Wedding (I'd love that too!). But they released more recent holiday final goal prizes like Reindeer Centerpiece and Shimmery Partygoers, so I'd love to see the same for Titan Tannenbaum. It could also be a short or side goal prize. That's cool too.

    In the pic, there's also North Pole Express. Yep, we totally need that. I also would like to see the reindeer family back in here. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	57508 Look at their faces, begging to be re-released!

    Next, Lighted Pillars. Pretty common, see them a lot in holiday sales, so please let them stay as a staple! I swear I'll horde as much as I can buy.

    For tables, I'd love to see Gingerbread, Snow Globe, and Gift Wrap Tables!

    Next— Okay, fine. I have a long list. I would itemize more decor, but honestly they're mostly from boxes and crates. I'm okay if they don't show up on shop, but I'd love to see another mass 50%-off sale on holiday crates! I've been saving up for that. On the side, it would be nice to see the good ol' Gem Dispenser and Mighty appliances back too.


    Okay, so I went back to gather more ahahaa.
    Tiles and Wallpaper: Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	57509Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	57510Click image for larger version. 

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    Attachment 57512

    Aaand then, I forgot about Holly tables. I know they're never on sale, but I can be hopeful ahahaa. Attachment 57513

    And then last one, Chocolate Fountain. I need me some chocolate! I didn't realize they removed it already ;-; Attachment 57514

    Okay, hehe. That's that. I'm done. I dumped it all.

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    I would like to see some of the old ovens come back like yuletide candy maker winter wonder oven harvest candy maker santa`s oven also bring back ginerbread land

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    All of them!

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    My overall suggestion would be to release every single fall/thanksgiving and winter/christmas/new years item EVER put out and leave it there until March to allow us all to be able to get them. During each season, all items ever available to be placed in catalogue, and then replaced with next season/holiday immediately after.
    I think EVERY oven should be in the catalogue. Why does it matter if a goal was done for it. Let us have ALL recipes from every oven. There is no reason to hold back. This would make everyone happy.
    I think every table, chair, wall decor, wallpaper, and floor should be made available also at all times. Again, they would benefit from everyone buying them.

    Fall-Turkey Oven, Fall Oven, Hay Bale Fountain, and Cornucopi Oven - with ALL recipes included
    Winter- I want these ovens more than anything: SNOWMAN OVEN AND SNOWMAN FOUNTAIN - Top choice with ALL recipes included
    Winter/Christmas I also want these ovens: Santas Oven, Candy Cane Maker, Marzipan, Winter Wonder Oven, Yuletide Candy Maker, Yuletide Oven, Winter Wedding Oven, Winter Frost Fountain, Santas Shop Fountain, Santas Shop Oven

    Fall Tables/Chairs:
    Leaf Table, Fall Leaves, Autumn Table, Thanksgiving, and Tri-Leaf
    Leaf Chairs, Fall Leaves, Duo Leaf, Thanksgiving

    Fall Wall Decor:
    Autumn Window, Turkey Wall Lamp, Turkey Wreath, Turkey Door, Fall Windows, Acoustic Autumn

    Fall Floor Decor:
    Bakesgiving Cornucopia, Turkey Cupcakes, Pile Of Leaves, Pilgrim Vase, Playful Leaves, Fall Tree, Gobble Divider, Lodge Fireplace, Autumn Foliage, Autumn Couch, Autumn Garden, Leaf Couch, Log Couch, Turkey Float, Leaf Lantern, Fall Breads, Fall Baker

    Winter Tables/Chairs:
    Snowman Table & Chair, Christmas Table and Chair, Snow Globe Table and Chair, Snowy Table and Chair, Frost Table and Chair, Holiday Table and Chair, Snowflake Table and Chair, Gingerbread Table & Chair, Santas Shop Table and Chair, Frosted Branches Table and Chair, Winter Wedding Table and Chair, Iced Crystal Table and chair, Xmas Light Table and Chair, Light Table and Chair, Ornament Chair, Snowball Table and Chair, Candy Cane Table adn Chair, Gift Wrap Table and Chair, Candy Table and Chair, Icicle Table and Chair, Ice Table and Chair, Santas Hat Chair, Gingerbread Stool (old), Shimmery Silver Table and Chair (keep in catalog), Cranberry Party Table and Chair (keep in catalog), Holly Table and Chair, Time table and chair

    Winter Wall Decor: Gingerbread Sconce, Frost Door, Lantern, New Years Scroll, Snow Flake Mirror, Candy Clock, Navy Blue Door, Express Sign, Cranberry Lantern, Christmas Menu, Christmas Door, Lodge Door, Jingle Bell Wreath, Noel Lights, Frost Window, Home Sweet Home, Ginger Bread Clock, Bear Log Clock, Mistletoe, White Owl, NYE Balloon, NYE Crazy Confetti, White Wreath, Snowy Branch Lantern, Reindeer Wreath

    Winter Floor Decor: Sparkling Fountain, Sled Penguin, Comet, Vixen, Dancer/Prancer, Ginger Claus, Snowman Baker, Snowball Fight, Winter Display, Elf Bake Shop, Beary Happy New Year, Giant Candy Cane, Teddy Bear, Holiday Waitress, Giant Ornament, Candy Cane Fountain, Ice Couch, Winter Proposal, Large Crystal, Mrs Claus, Penguin Cake, Reindeer Penguin, Santas Grotto, Elf Dolls, Snowman Tree, Reindeer Centerpiece, Stack of Gifts, Santas Workshop, Snowy Divider, Gingerbread Baker, Lit Trees, Magic of Christmas, Love Ice Sculpture, Big Buddy, Ice Skating, Santa Cake Display, Santas Hat Cake, Snow Couple, Romantic Skate, Ice Fireplace, Holiday Bear, Holiday Balloon, Candy Cane fence, Tiered Winter Cake, Little Helper, Santa's Workshop, Pinecone Pedestal, Gingerbread Baker, Magic of Christmas

    Misc Decorations (keep in catalog permanently): Urban Palms, Garden Cake, Glow Tree, Sundae Sofa, Ice Cream Sofa, Turquoise Candy Display, Turquoise Pottery Cabinet,Victorian Seat, Lotus Fountain, Barista Counter, Swiss Chocolate Display, Cozy Couch Decoration, Rose Gold Couch, Rose Gold Fountain, Rose Gold Planter, Rose Gold Divider, Party Hazel Decoration, Shimmery Bouquet, Bakers Square, Dessert Castle, Book Club Meeting, Ice Cream Stack, Verdant Display, Amethyst Lounge, Amethyst Cake Display, Fairy Kitchen, Blossom Topiary, Amethyst Fountain, Duck Fountain, Bubble Contest, Warm Fire, Gelato Machine, Gladiolus Date, Spring Sectional, Bakers Corner, Bakers Display, Pastel Lounge, Coffee Shop, Amethyst Pair, Cake Delivery Cake Pop Bouquet, Mini Ferris Wheel, Water Garden, Amethyst Cookies, Artsy Piano, Antique St Lamp, Spring Sectional,

    Misc Tables and Chairs (Keep in Catalog) - Sidewalk Table and Chair, Tartan Table, Sweet Blue Table and Sweet Pink Chair, Cheesecake Table, Whipped Cream Chair, Table of Heart Table, Daffodil table, Tulip Chair, Daisy Table, White Lattice stool, Sweetheart Table and Chair, Marble Trend Table and Chair, White Wicker Chair, Bistro Chair, Amethyst Petals Table and Chair, Red Rose Table and Chair, Shimmery Silver Table and Chair, Cranberry Party Table and Chair, Parisian Picnic Chair, Mint Chocolate Chair, Loves Me Table and Chair, Holly Table (Peach),

    Misc Wall Decor: Hanging Ivy, Lodge Door, Amethyst Heart, Turquoise Door, Teacup Clock

    Misc Ovens to Bring Back and Leave in Catalog: Frappe Fountain, Coffee Machine, Frozen Banana Stand, Bow Fountain, Import Ice Creamery, Anti Griddle, Prismatic Oven, Opalescent Machine, Flag Stove, Firework Oven,Candy Hatchery, Fondue Fountain, Choco Love Oven, Grand Slam Oven, Ballpark Oven, Whip Fountain, Artsy Icebox, Garden Oven, Old Brick Oven, Fudge Station, Royal Oven, Fairy Tale Oven, Gourmet Soda Machine, Frosty Freezer, Musical Drink Machine, Rose Oven, Truffle Maker, Fruit Chocolate Dip, Summer Icebox, Octob Oven, Hallo Oven, Parfait Potion

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    Holiday wishlist

    snowman table. Snowman chair in both bakery story and restaurant story.
    These are true xmas items. Please give them in bakery story as well!

    Also the gem dispenser. It was given in a sale before but taken away shortly after buying it without warning this was so unfair.

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    Wish list

    Magic of Christmas
    All reindeer's (Rudolph, Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Prancer, Dasher, & Donner
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DB499889-5CA7-4FF8-B255-6A2E43981312_1_201_a.jpg 
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    Light-up Christmas tree
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	B1743C35-3590-42B8-A97E-F159D70F1EFB_1_201_a.jpg 
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    Elf shop
    Titan Tannenbaum
    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	57548
    White elephant
    Santa's grotto

    Piles of presents

    I also would love non-Christmas items like
    -Truffle chairs
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2B5470D6-E6E9-4B9A-B65F-2BA0AAB73D17_1_201_a.jpeg 
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ID:	57549
    -Jack-o-lantern patch

    - la catrina
    -calavera mariachi
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DB499889-5CA7-4FF8-B255-6A2E43981312_1_201_a.jpg 
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ID:	57545  
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    Quote Originally Posted by TwixAndScones View Post
    I see your point with the newer players not having stuff from years past, but I'd actually wager and say that it's been better for newer players compared to older players in terms of recent sales. So I respectfully disagree.

    People who have played for more than a year to even two years (if not longer) have almost all of the stuff, if not all the stuff they keep offering in recent sales for the past two years. Where newer players still have some new stuff to buy from the sales. Because for older players, they don't have anything new to really buy when sales hit. It's been all the same.

    So let's hope for older and newer players' sakes, they actually offer something better than what they have been offering lately.

    more requests.

    I'd like to see some Christmas items from years past.

    Specifically the Elf Bake Shop and the Hockey Penguin.

    Attachment 57388
    Attachment 57389

    Italy Cake
    Attachment 57434

    Truffle Chair
    Attachment 57435

    Rose Column
    Attachment 57436
    I understand where your coming from. I guess what we really need is some new content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charaekin View Post
    I understand where your coming from. I guess what we really need is some new content.
    Now that I can get behind and agree on! We really do.

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    Snow and icy tiles would be wonderful. How about some snowy trees like Restaurant story? Oh and and all the reindeer!
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