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    Please allow new players to purchase goal items even if we haven't unlocked them. Hope we get the chance to do a goal that was already done in the past.
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    Winter fireplace

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    Frosted branch table & Winter frost chair (and Snowy table and chair)

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    I started playing like in 2013 and there were already like 20 ovens that were locked. Then I stopped playing for like a year or more in 2015 because by then I had already I baked everything I could. Then I started again from cero...and I just counted the ovens that are locked and I have 110. I never spend money. But I would, if the ovens would be unlocked for gems. It's a lost opportunity to make serious $$$. Players have been asking for years, and it's amazing S8 hasn't given in. At least bring them back as 5 day goals and unlock the old recipes in the process. There was a time when it was possible to buy ovens on certain sales...seasonal appliance sales would be amazing. Every sale I hope there might be 1 or 2...but no.... hopefully in 2021 you have a change of heart S8. You have very loyal players...Give a little back.

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    hoping for a decent christmas sale now, with lots of winter stuff (especially from past years). also new expansions would be great, 4-5 at least.

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    Bring back Anything gingerbread please!! House, tree reindeer, welcome elf, street lamp etc.

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    please give us more time for goals and bring back old ovens, please

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    Winter Night and the Snowy Tables and the Snow Globe chairs ANYTHING n EVERYTHING that's WINTER, ICY and SNOWY... SNOWY FLOOR TILES.. I need to have these for my decorations please you guys didn't release it last year release it this year.... PLEASE.... And COFFEE STUFF
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